Welcome to Creative Thursday. A group of us were challenged with creating a fall floral arrangement using a container we already own and flowers for less than $15.

I love a good challenge ❤️


What to use for my floral arrangement? 🤔🤔 I started looking around the garage and house for what to use. When I spotted my crock hiding out in the corner, I was 100% certain what I was going to using.

I have had this beautiful #3 crock in the corner of my dining room for over 2 years now. It had a plant in it and often went unnoticed!

Why in the world did I have it hidden over there in the corner!?!?

After repotting my plant I took soap and water and cleaned it up good.


I’ve been seeing the prettiest fall floral arrangements in crocks all over Instagram! So this part was easy.

I only purchased 3 things for my floral arrangement:

  • A bundle of large Cream flowers
  • A bundle of small pale yellow sunflowers
  • A stem with red hanging berries.

And event BETTER… I found all of my flowers for 1/2 off, YAY!

In addition to the 3 stems that I purchased I used dried hydrangeas from my flower garden.

About a week ago I cut several of my hydrangeas off of my shrubs and left them outside laying flat.


I commonly start arrangements with brown paper. It is a great filler and it helps keep the floral stems in place.

I started by stuffing some in the bottom of the crock. Then I placed the largest bundle in the center, my sunflowers to the right, hanging berries to the left, and then filled in all of the empty spots with hydrangeas.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Head over to the links below and check out everyone else’s fall floral arrangement’s that they shared for Creative Thursday!









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