I don’t know about y’all, but my decor styles have really changed through the years! Well I moved out at 16 so initially I don’t think I had a decor style. Lol. It was left over things from my mom and mamaw. Then once I grew up a little I still didn’t KNOW MY style.

It wasn’t until our current home that I figured out what I love and started bringing it all together.

I had a large piece of art from our old home that didn’t fit my style anymore… but I hated to throw it out!

Why throw away a perfectly good decor piece when you can repurpose it!!! Are y’all like that? I know I could have given it to goodwill or something, but I also hate to spend more money when I have a structurally good piece! It had a pewter frame and a more shabby chic farm setting.

Repurposing this piece was a breeze!!!!

I started by painting the frame with linen white chalk paint. Then I covered the glass with shiplap peel and stick wallpaper by roommates!

Now I’m left with a blank canvas! What to do next….

I added a 3m hook and hung this adorable fall sign that I found at Walmart. I then spruced it up a little with greenery on the top and a little flower to cover my hook!

That’s it!!!! Super simple and a great money saver!!!

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