Thrift Store Challenge- Wood Shutters

Hello everyone! It’s time for our monthly Thrift Store Challenge! We were challenged to find a budget friendly thrift store item and show how we use it in our home.

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Can you guess what my thrift store find is? 🙂

I have been looking for something to go on one of the main walls in my living room for some time. No matter what I hung on the wall it never felt just right.

I was at a local thrift store stopping to check out some beautiful church pews (they were all sold… I was so sad) when I saw several sets of shutters. I asked the owner about the size shutters I was looking for and he told me had something in the storage area that he thought would work.

He had several sets of closet doors that were perfect for what I was wanting to do. Even better they were all double sets so I only needed one and I got it for $8. YEEESSSS!!! $8.00, what a steal!

Guess what I forgot to do? Take a picture before we cut them off! UGH.. I always forget, lol! This is after we initially cut the bottoms off and took the doors apart.

I sanded the edges and painted them with my favorite Rustoleum chalk paint, clean linen.

Everything in my house seems to get a good coat of clean linen. After they were all good and painted I took them inside to hang them on each side of the large mirror. Well…… then we realized they were too big. They were a lot longer than the mirror and DID NOT look right. I thought about turning the mirror horizontal and placing the shutters above and below the mirror, but I wasn’t happy with that either.

So here they go back to the garage. Mr Just Another Farmhouse took some off of each end making them fit PERFECT!

To hang them we placed small hangers on each side and then hung them even with the mirror!

What do y’all think? I absolutely love them! I do wish they were hung just a little bit lower…. since there seems to be a large gap between the sewing machine and the bottom. I’m sure I will find a cute sign to place there 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Thrift Store Challenge- Wood Shutters

  1. I love what you have done with these shutters!! I’m completely loving this entire space!! My little guys are so excited for Halloween, which makes me so excited too! Your Halloween decor is all sooo cute!


  2. I loved what you did with the tray. I think I just got rid of one I had like that, a year ago at a yard sale. Live and learn.
    I also love the old Singer sewing machine décor. Amazing what you can do with your talent.


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