Bleaching Drop Cloth

The process for bleaching your drop cloths is super simple. It does take some tome so be patient.

The benefit of bleaching them is to of course lighten them (although they will not lighten very much) and it softens the material making is much easier to work with!

Just know that some material can get a yellowing effect so be aware that this can happen.

Items needed:

  • Bleach
  • Water (I use hot but I’m pretty sure cold will also work)
  • Bucket

Our laundry room is off set from the main part of the house and we have a large industrial sink so I just use this to bleach my drop cloths. If not just use a bucket.

Fill your sink or bucket with water and bleach. I would use atleast 2 cups for a 5 gallon bucket. I’m not good at measuring so I just added my bleach to the water in the sink 😭😭. I used around 3 cups of bleach but the sink is pretty wide so I’m guessing it’s more water than the 5 gallon bucket would hold.

Place the drop cloth in the sink. Make sure all of the material gets wet. You can sit the container of bleach on top of it to help submerge it.

Now all that’s to be done is let this soak for 24 hours. Move the material around off and on for the 24 hours to make sure all of the material is soaking. After the 24 hours throw them in the washer for a wash cycle. You can repeat the process again to try and lighten them more. I usually do it twice.

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