Buffet Redo

Hello friends!! I hope everyone is having a FABULOUS start to Spring! The weather here has been warmer and I am loving it. I finally decided to break out the bunnies and refresh a few spots around the house.

What do you think about this fabulous buffet table that I found on FB marketplace! The best part is she was only $30! YES 🙌🏽

Prior to this I had zero experience with veneer and man it was a PAIN IN THE A🍻🍻!!!

Seriously! I started out the project by sanding down the entire table. I then used milk paint from Shackteau Interiors (not sponsored). Color: Sea Glass

After this I realized the veneer finish on the top HAD to come off. Ugh! I have bandaids on 3 fingers as I type right now. 👎🏽!

Once I figured out how to do it and got into the rhythm of it, it was doable.

After I had the layer of veneer removed I gave it a light sanding and then applied 2 coats of stain and finished it off with Hemp Oil.

Overall it was a rough project, but I think it was worth it ❤️!

This adorable bunny print was a digital download from Etsy. Click HERE to check it out (again not sponsored).

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Thanks for stopping by!!!

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4 thoughts on “Buffet Redo

  1. Hi Danya,

    Great buffet, luckily I never had to deal with veneer to point of having to take it off. I know what a pain it is to remove.

    It was worth it, love the color you chose too.

    Your bunny print is very pretty. I don’t decorate for Easter since it’s the only holiday I get off.

    I stick with spring touches plus my husband who doesn’t ask for much asked two years ago if I could get off the bunny, chick, nest train.

    He’s such a great guy not a big deal.




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