Farmhouse Outdoor Table and Benches

Farmhouse Outdoor Table and Benches

Hey, hey everyone! We have had an iron outdoor patio set for many years, which is super sturdy and great, but REALLY doesn’t match my style!

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Welcome to our monthly blog hop hosted by my friend Terrie at Decorate and More by Tip!

This month we are each doing a DIY on something for Summer! This seemed like the perfect opportunity to upgrade out patio table. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom and check out everyone else’s fun summer DIY’s!

If your coming over from Liberty’s blog b4 and afters, welcome 🙂


Old Table

I saw what looked like an easy DIY on Ana White’s blog. If you love DIY wood working projects you seriously need to check her out! Click Here to see her plans that I followed.

I set out to try this project on my own, but Mr. A Vintage Flare Farmhouse was feeling extra sweet and assisted. OKAY, OKAY I assisted him! But, the point is he did it so I cant take credit, lol! He made it look super easy and did the table and 2 benches from start to finish in 2-3 hours!

Supplies Needed for Table and 2 Benches:

  • 2×4
    • 12, 8 ft long boards (6 are for the benches)
    • 2×6
  • 6, 8 ft long boards
    • 2, 12 ft long boards to be cut in 1/2 (these are for the benches, or 4 more 8 ft long and you will have to cut them down to 6ft)
  • Self tapping wood screws
  • Tape Measure
  • Miter Saw
  • Optional Nail Gun (we used this and then went back with the screws)
  • Palm sander (click here for my fave)
  • Stain of choice. I used medium walnut Danish oil
  • Cloth to apply stain / oil

Cuts to be made

Table Cut List
  • 8 – 2×4 @ 28-1/2″ – end leg sets
  • 2 – 2×4 @ 75-1/2″ – side aprons
  • 1 – 2×4 @ 80″ – bottom stretcher
  • 2 – 2×4 @ 25-1/2″ (middle support)
  • 6 – 2×6 @ 92-5/8″ (tabletop boards)
Bench Cut List
  • 2 – 2×4 @ 66″ – long aprons
  • 4 – 2×4 @ 16-1/2″ – legs
  • 4 – 2×4 @ 7-1/2″ – end aprons and stretcher
  • 1 – 2×4 @ 4-1/2″ – middle

Here We Go…

>>The steps for the benches are very similar to the steps for the table.

Click on the link at the bottom of this post for more detailed information on the cuts used for each step.

Before you start reading…..

YES, I know my pics are for the benches, but its the same steps as for the table.

I was busy being a helper for the table and didn’t get pics, sorry 🤦🏻‍♀️!!

Cuts to be used for each step ARE FOR THE TABLE (even though pics are the bench)!

First, you will build each end of the table (Legs)

You will do this using the 2×4- 28 1/2 cuts, 4 of them. For the bottom leave 3 1/3 inches for the legs. We used wood that was left over to raise the middle pieces up until we got it nailed.

Now add the tables side aprons to each side from end to end.

Use 2 of your 75 1/2 cuts to attach each end. You can turn the legs upside down for this or use a helper.

Now the bottom stretcher (bottom middle from end to end) this will overhang 3/4″ on each side

Now use your 80″ for the bottom middle piece. It will overhang 3/4″ on each side

Sooooo… the benches do not have bottom stretchers therefore no pictures of this step!

You can see in the pic below the bottom stretcher and YAY it’s a pic of the table!

Next, is the middle support piece, 1 on each side of center.

For this we used 2 of the 25 1/2 pieces and placed them on each side of center. We did it this way so we could add our umbrella to the center of the table.


Finally, its time to attach your tabletop pieces.

These will overhang by 7 1/16 on each end. Find center and place a 6 ft 2×6 on each side of center.


Hubby added a hole in the middle of the table for our umbrella.

BAM! Sounds easy enough right! Now you have a farmhouse table! Click below for the detailed instructions on the 2 benches!

Now to sand and stain!

I seriously HATE sanding! Have I ever mentioned that before? Use your palm sander and lightly sand your table and benches. I sanded the seats and tabletop a little heavier that the rest. Lets face it… who wants a splinter in their leg or hand or worse…

I used our leaf blower and blew off the sawdust and then a damp cloth and wiped it down good.

After this dries stain and seal!



Now listen friends… Ana White is the real expert in this so check out her blog for full instructions and photos!

Ana White Beginner Farm Table

Ana White Farm Table Benches


Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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18 thoughts on “Farmhouse Outdoor Table and Benches

  1. Your outdoor space is so lovely, Danya! And I LOVE your new table and benches! WOW! You and your hubby did an awesome job! Great tutorial too! I bet you and yours will enjoy that space for sure this summer!


  2. I am sure you helped plenty! I know I am often an “assistant” when it comes to the power tools! The table and benches look great, I am sure many hours will be enjoyed there, and they go so well with your house! I love the porch! Happy 4th of July!


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