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Hey all!! I’m trying to get back into the groove with sharing my favorite projects, hacks, fashion, and of course decor with y’all!

Recently I did a little room refresh. It’s not anything super big like my board & batten entryway (click here to check that out!!) project or my furniture redos, but I love the difference these subtle changes made.

***Click here to check out a few items I used to update this space***

I started by removing furniture that we weren’t using (AKA clutter magnets!!). I then took everything off the walls and patched the 9 million holes that I’ve made over the years! Then I gave it a good deep cleaning. I rearranged the furniture and bought a few new items.

Patching Holes

After taking everything off the walls I repaired the holes with wall spackle. I let them dry until the next day, lightly sanded each spot, and then painted them.


I swapped the chest of drawers and dresser around. I have no clue why I hadn’t done this to start with. It makes so much more sense for the larger dresser to be on the larger wall and the chest to be on the smaller one. I thought about cutting a hole in the back of the dresser and putting my satellite box and DVD player in it, but I’m still thinking on it.

Cord Holder

This is for sure a must have if you have unwanted cords! It sticks to the wall and will open up so you can easily add or remove cords. PLUS… it’s paintable!

Clean your wall and measure the length you need. Cut off any excess length (no clue how bc hubby did it). Pull off the adhesive backing and stick it to the wall. You may want to use a level to get it straight.

Lightly sand the surface, clean it, and paint it.

Once dry add your cords and viola.

Something New

I then added new bedding, a large full length mirror, black out curtains, a storage bench, and a couple of new plants. As you can see by our footboard… I need to refinish the wood, thanks to one of our dogs jumping up here, but that will be a big job and I’m not up for it just yet.

I love having a nice cozy, clutter free bedroom! The only thing left to buy is a print for above the chest of drawers and maybe a new rug 😍!!

What do y’all think?

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