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DIY Stamped Book Set

I love all of the different stamped book sets all over instagram, etsy, and pinterest! I have seen them in white, black, and antiqued with different short quotes, phrases, and names.

So challenge accepted to do our own Stamped Book Set with decorate with Tip >> << and our friends (scroll to the bottom to check out all of their tutorials).

Items needed:

  • Books (hard or soft back), I found mine at a local second hand store for 2 books for $1)
  • Paint, my favorite is Rustoleum chalk paint
  • Marker or stamp set, I freehanded my letters using a chalk pen
  • Jute, twine, ribbon, or lace
  • Ruler
  • Paint sponge
  • Optional: brown packing paper, glue or mod podge, paint brush, adhesive spray, blow dryer

Total cost:

  • Less than $10. Several of the items I had left over from other projects

Total time:

  • 30 minutes. The longest part was freehanding my letters.


Remove the cover from your book. I used 2 hard backs and 1 soft back. You can use a blow dryer to heat the spine to make removing the cover a little easier. I just ripped it right off 🙂

The challenge with each:

Hard backs are great for having blank first and last pages, BUT on the spine there was a mesh like area that would be impossible to write or stamp letters on. I corrected this by using packing paper and glue (mod podge). I applied the glue to the spine and then the paper. I let the books sit spine down for about an hour and then tore the extra paper off. I really like the antiqued look of doing this.

Soft backs have a great spine for writing or stamping, but the first page will have writing on it. That’s okay unless you plan on writing on that page (which is what I have done).


Paint your books.

I decided to paint mine black and use white letters. My all time favorite paint to use for any craft is Rustoleum chalked ultra matte paint in charcoal. I also used a sponge brush. Apply paint and allow to dry.

While it was drying I had time to pay attention to Princess Lulu who you can see in the distance in the picture below!



Write out your message or use your stamps. I freehanded my writing using old typewriter font. I just googled the font and a white chalk pen for the lettering. I decided on my letter spacing and height and then used a hard ruler to keep my words straight. Once I wrote each word I immediately took a dry paint brush and distressed the lettering. If you mess up…. NO BIGGIE… just paint over it or use a damp cloth and erase the chalk. It took me a couple of times to get my distressing how I wanted it. And a couple of times I had to add a dab of the chalk and brush over it.



My pages kept wanting to curl back and since my plans are to have my books standing I used some adhesive spray to keep the books closed.



Wrap the jute, twine, ribbon, or lace around your books and tie them together tightly. Now all that’s left is finding the perfect place to display your books or your favorite person to give them to.


That’s it! Easy breezy! I had no clue how easy of a project this would be! Now head on down and check out the other tutorials for more project inspiration!


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Follow along for lots of DIY'ing and thrifting with a side of mess ups and bargin finds!

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  1. Danya you created the perfect set! I love your books and LOVE how you have them styled. Your tutorial is so easy to follow. Thank you for joining in on this challenge. Happy July 4th!

  2. I love the black! I see some Halloween ones in my future!

  3. Danya, your book project turned out so cute. Love the vignette that you created. The message on your books is so nice.

  4. Danya, Princess Lulu is just too darn cute. Love that she posed for the picture. Books turned out great…can’t believe you free-handed the message. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  5. I love how you did yours! Super cute 😍

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