Bleaching Weathered Wood

Bleaching Weathered Wood

If you remember last summer we built this pretty table and benches!

Click here to check out how easy they were to build!

Well a year of being out in the weather has been rough on it!

I actually saw on Tik Tok someone using pool chemicals to bleach their Woodfence! First of all please… for the love of God do not use pool chemicals!!!!!!! If you’re not a pool owner then you may not know, but we definitely have a shortage of chemicals.

So I decided to try bleach! I used a 1:1 mixture. I started by spraying the bleach all over the table and benches and letting them sit in the sun. The benches only took 1 coat each but the table took 3-4. The next day I applied two additional coats a few hours apart. The table top was a bit challenging.

We actually had to lightly sand a few areas on the top and then apply an additional coat. It was as simple as spraying it on using a spray bottle. Some sites recommend washing the bleach off. I did spray it off a few times during the process. But, I always left the bleach on for at least four hours prior to spraying it.

I also sprayed our cedar planters and wow what a big difference!

I don’t wanna hear anything about these plants😂! These are actually the new ones.
We also built these planters! Click here to check out that project.

Now I need y’all’s help… What is the best outdoor wood sealer?

Here’s a short video of the process.

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