DIY Antiqued Paper / Vintage Paper

DIY Antiqued Paper / Vintage Paper

Hey friends!

I’m going to show you how to antique paper. You know I’m all about DIY and saving pennies everywhere I can. Yes even on paper 😉.


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Items needed:

  • Copy paper
  • Hot water
  • Tea bags
  • Glass casserole dish
  • Cookie sheet

You can make as many sheets as you want or as little. I only made around 10 sheets since this was my first time antiquing paper and I didn’t want to end up with a ton of messed of pieces. Let’s face it… I’m 100% great at messing up DIY’s 😭.

My point in that was, since I only antiqued a few sheets,  I only used 6 small tea bags. If you are doing more you will need more bags.

I’ve always drank good old southern sweet tea, but over the last few months I’ve started drinking a night time tea and have been adventurous and purchased a few flavored teas here and there.

There is one particular sleepy tea that I was not a fan of, so let’s put it to good use.

I also threw in a mint tea for the nice aroma


Boil Water

It’s as simple as it sounds 🙂 . I used my tea kettle simply because it was already on the stove and ready. I boiled around 2 cups of water. You only need enough to cover your paper.


Steep the Tea

Place your hot water and the tea bags in a container of your choice (I used a glass measuring thing-y) and then cover for around 20 minutes. The longer you steep your tea, the darker your tea will be.


Soak the Paper

Crumble up a few sheets of your paper here and there in the middle of your pile and then place them in your glass casserole dish. Pour your steeped tea over the paper and move it around some ensuring all of the pages are soaking.

My favorite part of the end look was opening up one of the tea page and scattered the spices between each sheet of paper. I LOVE how the pages that had the spices on them while they baked had more of a vintage look, almost the appearance of burnt paper.

If you don’t really like this look then do not open your tea bags up.

Let the paper soak in the tea for around 20 minutes.



I laid out each piece of paper individually on a cookie sheet. The less water left on the paper the faster your cooking time. If you have time then standing the paper up somewhere (like in your sink or sitting them out in the sun) for a few minutes to allow the excess water to run off will speed the process.

Set the over for 200 and bake for around 5 minutes. Some of my pages took longer because they wetter when they started baking.



I went ahead and tea stained some doilies while I had the tea out.

Final Project

Overall this was a simple project!! I wanted to make a valentines vignette using my paper so I typed up the book quote I wanted to use and then feed my antiqued paper through the printer.


Crazy easy right!!

For the frame I used another goodwill frame (if you follow me on IG this has become a tiny obsession 😭😭) for around $6.

I painted the matte border in the frame and the frame with rustoleum clean linen chalk paint.

That is it!!! How simple was that? Now it’s your turn! Tag me in your final project 🙂


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Thrift Store Challenge- Vintage Chest

Happy 2020!

Welcome to our monthly thrift store challenge hosted by Emily at Le Cultivateur and Tara at stilettos and shiplap .

This month for our challenge I’m going to transform a chest that was purchased from Facebook marketplace.

For the transformation I’m using milk paint for the first time and going to finish it with hemp oil. Typically I use chalk paint when working on furniture and frames, but I love the chippy look of milk paint so I decided to try something new!


Honestly, this is a beautiful chest! In the end it would have looked just as beautiful if I had touched up the few spots that were chipped and left it as is, but I really love a piece that Kalyn @boxwoodandspruce transformed and started out going for this look.

I even purchased the same hardware with the intention of using it, but in the end the original hardware gave it way more of the vintage look that I love.

Here we go…

With chalk paint there is no sanding making it a double plus to use!! Have I mentioned that I HATE sanding? Lol

From what I have now learned with milk paint sometimes you have to sand and others times none is required. Seems like it depends on the finish of the piece you are painting. I started out not knowing this, so I mix my paint and get busy with a goal of finishing this project in one day.

I cleaned the chest and then applied my first coat. As it dried it was actually looking really good, but I soon realized that it was bubbling up and flaming off. At first it looked like this was just happening on the face of the drawers.

After speaking to a few friends I learn that I either need to sand the piece down and start over or add a bonding agent to the paint. I went with sanding since I would have to order the bonding agent online and wait a few days to get it in the mail.

I started by sanding the drawer faces. After I sanded them I LOVED the look of the raw wood against the black and decided to go with this for the finished product. It wasn’t long before I realized the paint on the whole piece was flaking off 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Here goes the sanding… I sanded the entire piece, cleaned it up, and then started the painting process over.

This time it worked out perfect! The paint became chippy in a few places on its own and others I gave it a light sanding to give it the aged look.

I applied 2 coats of the milk paint and then after it was dry I used hemp oil to seal it. I then reinstalled the original hardware.

So what do y’all think? I love the way the hemp oil brought out all of the details of the wood!

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Vintage Desk Makeover – Painted Furniture

Christmas Creative Challenge DIY garland

Can y’all believe November is almost over? Christmas is seriously just around the corner! I have got to get busy with shopping. Our tree is up and most of the decorations are done, but I have purchased ZERO gifts.

Speaking of decorations… although I have a ton of different ornaments and decorations I really feel like I’ve grown out of so many of them.

Also, I am trying hard to spend less money on decor. What to do? OF COURSE DIY!!

For our monthly creative challenge hosted by Tara and Emily we were challenged to DIY a Christmas Craft.

PSSSSSSTTTT make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to check our everyone’s amazing Christmas Crafts🎄!

My tree is the same colors as last year, but somehow the “Merry” is missing from my Merry Christmas garland that I used last year🤦🏻‍♀️. I decided to make a new garland to hang near my tree. I looked up several different DIY banners, but decided to mix my favs up and make a banner using pine cones, some greenery, and cranberries.

Looking for a beautiful tree? Click here


Items used:

  • Pine Cones
  • Greenery
  • Twine
  • Cranberries (I had an old bag from years back)
  • Adhesive Glue
  • White Glitter

Total Cost = ZERO cha ching

I started by washing the pine cones and letting them dry. I cut some greenery from a tree in the yard.

I then sprayed adhesive glue on the pine cones and the greenery and then used white glitter to create a snowy look.


I stretched out the twine and laid out each item for the garland.  After everything was dry I used twine on the pine cones and greenery so I could tie them to the garland twine. This way I could change some of the items out just in case I hated it, lol.

I allowed for a little extra twine on each side since I will using some of the twine to tie on the cranberries. I tried at first to poke a hole in the cranberries, but I didn’t like that so I simply tied each stem to the twine garland.

I started at one end and alternated the berries, pine cones, and then greenery. After I had everything tied on I just snipped off the extra material.


I absolutely love how it turned out and it was super easy! I will for sure be making more. I figured out after this DIY that you can bleach pine cones! Saaaaayyyy whaaaattt. Stay tuned for another DIY using my beautiful white pine cones!

Here is the before picture without my garland. Love the shutters? Click here to see my DIY of them.


TaaaDaaaa! On each shutter I used clearance wreaths from last year. I literally sprayed them with that spray snow for your windows and then used some twine to hand them! All super easy and cheap! BAM



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Creative Thursday’s Christmas Craft

Thrift Store Challenge- Wood Shutters

Hello everyone! It’s time for our monthly Thrift Store Challenge! We were challenged to find a budget friendly thrift store item and show how we use it in our home.

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Can you guess what my thrift store find is? 🙂

I have been looking for something to go on one of the main walls in my living room for some time. No matter what I hung on the wall it never felt just right.

I was at a local thrift store stopping to check out some beautiful church pews (they were all sold… I was so sad) when I saw several sets of shutters. I asked the owner about the size shutters I was looking for and he told me had something in the storage area that he thought would work.

He had several sets of closet doors that were perfect for what I was wanting to do. Even better they were all double sets so I only needed one and I got it for $8. YEEESSSS!!! $8.00, what a steal!

Guess what I forgot to do? Take a picture before we cut them off! UGH.. I always forget, lol! This is after we initially cut the bottoms off and took the doors apart.

I sanded the edges and painted them with my favorite Rustoleum chalk paint, clean linen.

Everything in my house seems to get a good coat of clean linen. After they were all good and painted I took them inside to hang them on each side of the large mirror. Well…… then we realized they were too big. They were a lot longer than the mirror and DID NOT look right. I thought about turning the mirror horizontal and placing the shutters above and below the mirror, but I wasn’t happy with that either.

So here they go back to the garage. Mr Just Another Farmhouse took some off of each end making them fit PERFECT!

To hang them we placed small hangers on each side and then hung them even with the mirror!

What do y’all think? I absolutely love them! I do wish they were hung just a little bit lower…. since there seems to be a large gap between the sewing machine and the bottom. I’m sure I will find a cute sign to place there 🙂

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Thrifted Treasure ~ October


Small French Mirror


Thrift Store Challenge

Thrift Store Challenge: Autumn On My Mind


Clearance Store Challenge- Planter

Clearance Store Challenge

Hello everyone! Welcome to our clearance store challenge.

After checking out my find be sure to scroll to the bottom and check out more amazing scores 🙌🏽

We were all challenged to find an item for $15 or less and show how we used it!

I don’t know about y’all but I LOVE CLEARANCE ITEMS! I’m known for holding off on purchasing something until it goes on sale. It just makes me feel like a winner 🤣🤣🤣!

I saw these planters at Walmart at the beginning of summer, but I was holding off for them to go on sale (as usual 🤣). I believe they were originally around $25.

Near the end of summer when they were clearing out summer items in the garden area there they were!!! ELEVEN DOLLARS… score 🙌🏽. I honestly wasn’t crazy about the color, but for $11 I knew I could DIY them. I snagged 2 of them, but I so wish I had gotten more!!!! Ugh.

I had some left over black acrylic paint that I knew would match. All it took was one coat which gave them a dark distressed look. SCORE!!!

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Top Shelf Clearance Challenge ~ Fall Autumn

Homemade Apple Pie’s-amore/3784/

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I don’t know about y’all, but my decor styles have really changed through the years! Well I moved out at 16 so initially I don’t think I had a decor style. Lol. It was left over things from my mom and mamaw. Then once I grew up a little I still didn’t KNOW MY style.

It wasn’t until our current home that I figured out what I love and started bringing it all together.

I had a large piece of art from our old home that didn’t fit my style anymore… but I hated to throw it out!

Why throw away a perfectly good decor piece when you can repurpose it!!! Are y’all like that? I know I could have given it to goodwill or something, but I also hate to spend more money when I have a structurally good piece! It had a pewter frame and a more shabby chic farm setting.

Repurposing this piece was a breeze!!!!

I started by painting the frame with linen white chalk paint. Then I covered the glass with shiplap peel and stick wallpaper by roommates!

Now I’m left with a blank canvas! What to do next….

I added a 3m hook and hung this adorable fall sign that I found at Walmart. I then spruced it up a little with greenery on the top and a little flower to cover my hook!

That’s it!!!! Super simple and a great money saver!!!

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Welcome to Creative Thursday. A group of us were challenged with creating a fall floral arrangement using a container we already own and flowers for less than $15.

I love a good challenge ❤️


What to use for my floral arrangement? 🤔🤔 I started looking around the garage and house for what to use. When I spotted my crock hiding out in the corner, I was 100% certain what I was going to using.

I have had this beautiful #3 crock in the corner of my dining room for over 2 years now. It had a plant in it and often went unnoticed!

Why in the world did I have it hidden over there in the corner!?!?

After repotting my plant I took soap and water and cleaned it up good.


I’ve been seeing the prettiest fall floral arrangements in crocks all over Instagram! So this part was easy.

I only purchased 3 things for my floral arrangement:

  • A bundle of large Cream flowers
  • A bundle of small pale yellow sunflowers
  • A stem with red hanging berries.

And event BETTER… I found all of my flowers for 1/2 off, YAY!

In addition to the 3 stems that I purchased I used dried hydrangeas from my flower garden.

About a week ago I cut several of my hydrangeas off of my shrubs and left them outside laying flat.


I commonly start arrangements with brown paper. It is a great filler and it helps keep the floral stems in place.

I started by stuffing some in the bottom of the crock. Then I placed the largest bundle in the center, my sunflowers to the right, hanging berries to the left, and then filled in all of the empty spots with hydrangeas.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Head over to the links below and check out everyone else’s fall floral arrangement’s that they shared for Creative Thursday!





Cedar Farmhouse Planter … DIY of course 🙂

Welcome to our monthly DIY blog with my sweet friend Terrie at

This month is Wood Fall Decor

For my WOOD FALL DECOR project I chose to make a cedar planter for my fall mums 🍁


🍁Cedar Farmhouse Planter🍁

Supplied needed:

1. Cedar- we buy our cedar from a saw mill. It is rough cut so if your looking for a smooth perfect look then your local hardware/lumber store would be the best place to go. The cedar I used was left over from doing a cedar wall.

2. A nail gun and nails

3. Table saw  and miter saw

4. Tape measure and pencil

5. Polyurethane and brush or sponge

Total cost:

Zero for me for the actual planter. We already had all of the supplies, but I did have to purchase the potting soil and mums.

Our Left Over Cedar that we used (and of course our amazing TMI tractor)

The Process:

1. Decide on the size of your planter

We used a planter we already have as a guide for the height and width we wanted. We decided on 18×18 as a good width and 18″ for the height as well (I guess we were liking the #18 🤷🏻‍♀️).

2. Cutting your lumber

  • Since we used rough cut cedar we have different widths of wood. So for us we cut in groups of 4 and built squares out of each group of 4 and then basically stacked the squares. After we made the first square we went ahead and put the sides on and then built it up from there (see pics). We did this cutting with the miter saw, but had to “rip” a few piece so we could get the 18″ height. We did this with the table saw.
  • For the sides the first planter we made made the width 2″, but then realized we needed them a bit wider so for the second one we did 3″. You will need 8 sides for each planter.
  • For the bottom we used scrap pieces and cut them to the right length then simply put them in place and nailed
  • For the Farmhouse X’s we riped 1″ pieces

RYOBI miter saw and rough cut cedar

Look at the Beautiful Cedar!

Our groups of 4 cedar cuts

3. Put it all together

Now that you have all of your cuts lets build this beauty!!

  1. First step is to put the first square together.
  2. Next, you can either go ahead and add all four of your corners, this is what we did (See below) or you can build all four squares and then place sides on.
  3. Build it up. Ours ended up being 3 total squares.
  4. Turn over the planter and place the bottom pieces
  5. Farmhouse X’s. This is the most technical part of the whole process. Place one side of your X on first (/) and then for second side you will have to cut 2 small pieces to go on each side of the / (hope that made sense.. check out the picture below).

Our first square and 1/2 of the side pieces

The other 1/2 of the side pieces

Now start on your second rowNow the last rowNow turn it over and do your bottomimg_5708

Finally its time for your Farmhouse X’s. Here is the first part (/). Now cut 2 small pieces to go on each side of this piece.And here they are :):)

4. Seal it

No photos of this, but polyurethane is a VERY MESSY easy step. Just paint it on and let it dry. This will bring out the beautiful red color in your cedar and seal you wood. I am super messy so of course I wore gloves and still ended up sticky lol.

And there you have it!!! Check out that beautiful cedar below.


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Host Terrie at 

Who doesn’t love a cute basket?

Metal, twine, rope, wicker… I love all of them!

I honestly never imagined I could make one, but I can and I did 👌🏽I may have burnt a few fingertips with the glue gun and made a bit of a mess, but hey I made it!! There are a few things I would do different next time. 🤣🤣

Practice makes perfect RIGHT 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Items needed:

  • Rope, twine, or jute
  • Glue gun or tacky glue. BTW LOTS OF IT
  • Clothes pens
  • Scissors
  • Optional: paint, leather for handles, basket or pot to use as your mold

Now here comes the fun…

First you need to decide what look your going for and find a mold to keep your form. I started with a square basket I had and made the mistake of removing it during the process which was not a good idea! This made my basket too lose in some places and then too tight in others.

Then you just start to wrap and glue, wrap and glue, and more wrapping and gluing. I used clothes pens after laying the rope down… see ⬇️⬇️

BE SUPER CAREFUL with the hot glue and be cautions not to use too much glue! Like seriously the glue will run all over the place unless you apply a THIN line! And if your not careful you will burn your fingers with the glue! Maybe I should’ve worn my gloves that came with my curling wand 🤣😂

Once you have your basket complete just cut your rope for your handles and glue them down as well.

At first I decided to use a different color rope but it was much thinner and I didn’t like the look so I decided to apply some black chalk paint. And viola… all done!

Want more inspiration? Head on over to theses ladies listed below and check out their baskets ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Hello friends!

I’m going to share with y’all a super simple do it yourself door mat. We all know how expensive cute and stylish door mats can be! They are easily $30-$50 😱

Total cost for today’s project is under $15.

Items needed:
  • Coir Mat- these can be found online or at local stores such as Target or Home Depot
  • Paint- a small can of indoor/outdoor paint, a can of indoor/outdoor spray paint, or even a thick permanent marker
  • Paint brush(es)
  • Optional: stencils, painters tape, measuring tape, ruler, push pins (to hold stencil in place)

Purchase Your Supplies

Coir Mat

These can be found at your local retail/hardware store or even purchased online.

I purchased this one at Target on sale ($1 off) for $8.99


I used an indoor/outdoor fast drying latex paint that I purchased from Home Depot

Other Supplies That I Used

Blue painters tape, tape measure, a permanent marker (to create an outline of my design onto the mat), a small paint brush for my letters, and a thicker paint brush for my lines, and I made my own stencil for the arrow design.

Figure out your design

  • What do you want it to say?
  • Do you want flowers or hearts or a house?
  • Do you want color or want to keep it simple?

There are some SUPER CUTE ideas on Pinterest >>> Click HERE

I went with-  Welcome Ya’ll – Its simple and totally me! I decided on some horizontal lines, added a cute heart as my O in welcOme, and opted for white arrows to make them stand out from the rest of the mat. BTW I totally changed my design up a few times. lol

Like NIKE Just do it

I used the blue painters tape 2 different times during the project to keep everything aligned. I used my sharpie to write out my message and the lines and then came back on with my brushes and paint and thickened everything up.

Total time was maybe an hour

There ya’ll go 🙂 Super simple DIY Door Mat!

Check out these other awesome tutorials below for more ideas and techniques on DIY mats!!!

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