Cedar Farmhouse Planter … DIY of course 🙂

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This month is Wood Fall Decor

For my WOOD FALL DECOR project I chose to make a cedar planter for my fall mums 🍁


🍁Cedar Farmhouse Planter🍁

Supplied needed:

1. Cedar- we buy our cedar from a saw mill. It is rough cut so if your looking for a smooth perfect look then your local hardware/lumber store would be the best place to go. The cedar I used was left over from doing a cedar wall.

2. A nail gun and nails

3. Table saw  and miter saw

4. Tape measure and pencil

5. Polyurethane and brush or sponge

Total cost:

Zero for me for the actual planter. We already had all of the supplies, but I did have to purchase the potting soil and mums.

Our Left Over Cedar that we used (and of course our amazing TMI tractor)

The Process:

1. Decide on the size of your planter

We used a planter we already have as a guide for the height and width we wanted. We decided on 18×18 as a good width and 18″ for the height as well (I guess we were liking the #18 🤷🏻‍♀️).

2. Cutting your lumber

  • Since we used rough cut cedar we have different widths of wood. So for us we cut in groups of 4 and built squares out of each group of 4 and then basically stacked the squares. After we made the first square we went ahead and put the sides on and then built it up from there (see pics). We did this cutting with the miter saw, but had to “rip” a few piece so we could get the 18″ height. We did this with the table saw.
  • For the sides the first planter we made made the width 2″, but then realized we needed them a bit wider so for the second one we did 3″. You will need 8 sides for each planter.
  • For the bottom we used scrap pieces and cut them to the right length then simply put them in place and nailed
  • For the Farmhouse X’s we riped 1″ pieces

RYOBI miter saw and rough cut cedar

Look at the Beautiful Cedar!

Our groups of 4 cedar cuts

3. Put it all together

Now that you have all of your cuts lets build this beauty!!

  1. First step is to put the first square together.
  2. Next, you can either go ahead and add all four of your corners, this is what we did (See below) or you can build all four squares and then place sides on.
  3. Build it up. Ours ended up being 3 total squares.
  4. Turn over the planter and place the bottom pieces
  5. Farmhouse X’s. This is the most technical part of the whole process. Place one side of your X on first (/) and then for second side you will have to cut 2 small pieces to go on each side of the / (hope that made sense.. check out the picture below).

Our first square and 1/2 of the side pieces

The other 1/2 of the side pieces

Now start on your second row Now the last row Now turn it over and do your bottom img_5708

Finally its time for your Farmhouse X’s. Here is the first part (/). Now cut 2 small pieces to go on each side of this piece. And here they are :):)

4. Seal it

No photos of this, but polyurethane is a VERY MESSY easy step. Just paint it on and let it dry. This will bring out the beautiful red color in your cedar and seal you wood. I am super messy so of course I wore gloves and still ended up sticky lol.

And there you have it!!! Check out that beautiful cedar below.


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  1. Danya what a great idea. I would love to make them for our pampas grass. It would looks so neat like you have your mums. Thanks for sharing and participating in our challenge. Love working with you!

  2. I absolutely love it!!!!! I need several of these for around my house 😊

  3. These are beautiful! I love cedar. It smells amazing! They look great with the mums. So fall! 💕

  4. From the picture would never have thought they were individual boards slid into place. That is so smart. They look very nice next to that beautiful pool.

  5. These turned out so great!

  6. Very cute planter, Danya. Such nice cedar to work with too! They look great with your fall mums and I can only imagine you already have other plans for them at other times of the year too.

  7. Wow, Danya, your planter turned out beautifully! I love the red siding on your home- a bold choice that works and is amazing! So happy to have found you and your blog

  8. Danya, your planters turned out great. I’m impressed as I don’t have any power driven saws, work tables or a handy man! Your mums will look beautiful in the cedar planters.

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