I can’t believe it’s already mid November! Has this year flown by for anyone else?

The best part about being mid November is Christmas! I’m pretty excited this year to decorate for Christmas!

Right now I am loving Scandinavian decor and European Farmhouse decor! Although they are different, both styles use natural items for a clean, simple and minimalist look. I found a couple of inspiring items on Pinterest including these pictures below.

Let’s try to make stars / snowflakes in rich and warm colors like the ones above.

Do y’all remember the snowflakes I made out of lunch sacks the last 2 years? You can check that out here ❄️!

I found a few videos of people making these beautiful stars / snowflakes and they used wallpaper. I didn’t want to invest a lot of money until I was sure I could make them so I’m using construction paper and tissue paper.

Scroll to the bottom for a short video of the process.

Items needed:

  • Construction paper, tissue paper, wall paper, or wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Glue or glue gun

First fold your paper in half. If your paper is rectangular then fold it long ways.

Now fold the paper in half again.

Now finally fold it one more time.

You can make a template if you want all of the stars / snowflakes to look alike. I love having lots of different designs so I free handed it. I made some of my tips more pointed and some with deeper cuts.

****Cut the open end of the paper and this will be the part that discarded.

Once your paper is cut open it up and make accordion folds from one end to the other.

Now tie your thread in the center.

Add hot glue and glue end to end.

Here’s one using tissue paper. Be careful with the paper since it’s so delicate.

Now just poke a hole through the top and add thread and hang anywhere in your home. You could hang them from your tree, peg rail, a piece of wood.

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