I know, I know… I’m a little late to the holiday tablescape blogging party, BUT better late than never! I’ve come to except my tardiness and embrace it.

Did you catch my recent Simple Christmas bedroom post? You can check it out HERE

Here are a couple of last-minute simple ideas for your Christmas tablescape.

As I’ve mentioned before if I go to all out with my tablescape, my family will just move it. 😂

So I’m keeping it simple with some DIY trees and ornaments using Styrofoam and a simple arrangement with evergreen clippings from trees outside our house.

Items needed:

  • Styrofoam circles (to use as ornaments) and cylinders (to use as trees)
  • Tree topper- star or miniature ornament
  • Twine, yarn, or thick thread
  • Glitter
  • Spray on glue and/or glue gun
  • Table runner (I sometimes use strips of dropcloths)
  • Vase, small crock or any preferred vessel
  • Assorted sizes of Evergreen clippings


Let’s make Christmas trees using cylinder Styrofoam pieces. You will need your twine, yarn, or thick thread for this project. You can use spray glue, but I recommend using the glue gun.

Apply your glue starting at the bottom and going in a circular pattern. Do this in sections to prevent your glue from drying out. It’s literally as easy as it sounds: apply glue, apply thread, apply glue, apply thread. Do this all the way until the top.

Add your tree topper either with glue or a toothpick.

Try to not be as clumsy as me and grab the hot glue that you had just applied to the styrofoam!!



Now we’re going to make some faux ornaments using spray glue and glitter. Be sure to use a piece of paper or cardboard to catch the excess glitter so you can reuse it. Spray the glue on half of the Styrofoam ball and then apply glitter. Allow this to dry and repeat the same process on the other half.

If you want to make it look more realistic grab a hanger holder off of an old ornament (because I know you have some in bottom of those Christmas totes) and place it in your Styrofoam.

✨✨Can I just add if you have the option to skip this step and use ornaments on hand then I would go with that!!!

They are so pretty but WHAT A MESS! Like glitter fairy threw up everywhere messy!!


Place your table runner down the center of your table.

Now place your vase with the evergreen clippings in the middle of your table. Don’t forget to add a little water so they last longer.

Place a Christmas tree and your glitter ornaments on each side and there you have a simple Christmas Tablescape.

I like to layer my placemats and charger plates at each place setting and that’s it. 🥰

Fun, festive, and simple!!

I truly hope each of you has very Merry Christmas!!!! 🎄

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