Clearance Store Challenge

Hello everyone! Welcome to our clearance store challenge.

After checking out my find be sure to scroll to the bottom and check out more amazing scores 🙌🏽

We were all challenged to find an item for $15 or less and show how we used it!

I don’t know about y’all but I LOVE CLEARANCE ITEMS! I’m known for holding off on purchasing something until it goes on sale. It just makes me feel like a winner 🤣🤣🤣!

I saw these planters at Walmart at the beginning of summer, but I was holding off for them to go on sale (as usual 🤣). I believe they were originally around $25.

Near the end of summer when they were clearing out summer items in the garden area there they were!!! ELEVEN DOLLARS… score 🙌🏽. I honestly wasn’t crazy about the color, but for $11 I knew I could DIY them. I snagged 2 of them, but I so wish I had gotten more!!!! Ugh.

I had some left over black acrylic paint that I knew would match. All it took was one coat which gave them a dark distressed look. SCORE!!!

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  1. Danya this planters look great and you can’t best the price.


  2. Danya your planter boxes are perfect and what a great price. Love how your outdoor area looks. Happy Monday!

  3. Such great finds!! I love these planter boxes!! Your porch looks amazing!!!

  4. Wow I love those planters! What a great find! Love what you did with them too.

  5. I absolutely love your planters and how you’ve styled them!!

  6. Wow! Wonderful find, Danya! Those will look wonderful year ‘round. I do the same waiting for things to go on sale which means I often lose out but I simply won’t pay beyond a certain price for things. 😄

    1. I miss out also Tara, but I just cant make myself pay full price. lol

  7. They’re beautiful Danya! I love how you darkened them! And what a great price!

  8. What an amazing find! They look so cute on your porch. I love what you did with them!

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