Coffee / Hot Coco Bar with peg rail

Happy December! Can y’all believe Christmas is right around the corner! Who still has presents to buy? 🙋🏻‍♀️


I decided to transition a space in our dining room to a coffee / hot coco bar and figured I would share a few of the details with y’all! Here’s a short video of the process.

Click HERE for items used for this project.

I started by adding 2 shelves using metal brackets that I found at Home Depot. I looked at corbels and brackets and these were for sure the best price.

We found our studs using a magnet and then marked where we wanted each bracket to go.

The magnet trick has been a life saver for us. Basically you want to find the screws used to attach your Sheetrock to each stud. The magnet will stick to these screws showing you that there is a stud there.

Typically studs are 16” apart so start from a corner or an area where there is a outlet and work out from there. Here’s a short video on finding the stud with a magnet.

After you find your studs and hang your brackets then you just lay the wood across the brackets. We did have to use the table saw and strip the wood to sit flush on the brackets.

After our wood was cut I gave it a light sanding and then applied 3 coats of milk paint (London fog) and then hemp oil. You can check out all of the paint and oil HERE.

Then just sit the wood on your brackets.

Now for the peg rail.

We used a 1×2 common pine and shaker pegs to make our rail. I spaced the pegs 6” apart. Here is more details on how to install the peg.

Stain your wood and allow it to dry and then hang it below your shelves.

Now it’s time to decorate your new space!

I used Ovaltine for the coco (don’t tell them it’s semi-healthy) and found cute marshmallows and added them to jars. Then hung cute mugs on the peg rail and a mug rack.


What do y’all think?

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