Contour (Bronzer) with Self Tanner for a Natural Sunkissed Look

Contour with Self Tanner for a Natural Sunkissed Look

Where has this been my whole life? No clue why, but I had only used self tanner a few times in my life until this year. I love how easy it is to go from pasty white to looking like you were kissed from the sun in 3-24 hours.

Here are a few Summertime essentials!

A Couple of basic Self Tanning Tips

Before use shower, shave, and exfoliate.

Using self tanner is pretty self explanatory, but you have to be careful around your knees, elbows, ankles, knuckles, and the palms of your hands. Let’s call these “easy orange” spots

One way to prevent over tanning or getting that ugly orange color in these easy orange areas, is to apply lotion either before application or immediately after. I usually apply all over tanner, apply lotion to the easy orange spots, wash my hands, then use a makeup brush and apply tanner to the tops of my hands and fingers.

Contour / Bronzer with Self Tanner for a Natural Sunkissed Look

I don’t know about y’all, but it’s so easy to get mixed up with how to apply contour, highlighter, bronzer.

Majority of the time I do a super light makeup with all over BB cream, a tad of under eye cream, and bronzer to the “3 zones”. I’m not sure the official term, but that’s what I call the areas below, since it’s in the shape of a 3 🙂 My point in this is that when I self tan I will use the self tanner on my face all over and then come back in and use it again in those “3 zones” / contouring areas. Then on the days I don’t wear makeup, my face will have some natural dimension to it.

I also have to self tan my face more frequently then the rest of my body. I think this is due to my skin care products.

Here are the steps to do this (well how I do it anyway):

  • As always shower and exfoliate (DO NOT apply any lotion or skin care products)
  • Apply lotion all over face and neck
  • Use a makeup brush and apply tanner in the contour areas or areas you would apply your bronzer (see pic of “3 zones”)
  • Using your brush blend these areas out
  • Let the tanner sit for the instructed time.
  • Rinse your face after the allotted time (DO NOT WASH)

That’s it! Now enjoy your beautiful sunkissed look!!

Easy right?

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