Corduroy Flare Pants

Ever see an outfit that you love so much that you run out any buy it only to get it home, try it on, and hate it?

As many of y’all know I started my social media journey with home decor. I later jumped the fence to fashion and lifestyle and now my accounts are a jumbled up mess with a little bit of everything that I call LIFE!

At first fashion was so intimidating. I would try looks that I see on someone else and feel like a total failure because I couldn’t pull them off.

I’ve come to realize that I needed to treat fashion just like I did home decor… take ideas from people you love / admire and make it your own!

DO WHAT YOU LOVE! Wear what feels right to you! After all, YOU are the one wearing it and YOU will feel so much more confident being yourself!

Here are a few ideas on how I would style these super cute amazon corduroy flares!

For reference I’m 5ft tall and 145ish (right now it’s pretty HEAVY on the ish!!!). You can see the length on these pants is just a tad long with a small heal, so they may be a bit too short on you taller ladies.

Fashionista Casual

I’m a sucker for a cool band tee or graphic tee. To dress these pants down I paired them with my favorite band tee. I found this one on Amazon and cut it to this cropped length.

I know these sling bags are kind of controversial for women my age. You either love them or hate them. I will say they have really grown on me. You can see how this sling bag adds shape to this cropped tee. I love a longer cropped tee, but sometimes they can flare out a tad (depending on your bust size) and make you look larger than you are. For those cases the sling bag gives you your shape back!

I paired this with chunky tennis shoes.

Relaxed Casual

This look literally take no effort, but is so versatile. It could be worn to run errands, go out to eat, or wherever!

I added a puffy sleeved top with an elastic band around the waist. Or you could do the front tuck or tuck the top under your bralette.

I paired it with my ugg slipper dupes.


My kids laugh when I say I’m going for a boho look. Is that not the right term? Well it’s what I’m using!

Start but taking a tighter fitting top such as this cropped tank and add a long chunky cardigan. Then break the look up a bit with a fun belt. I love it with this concho styled belt. This look is also fun with lots of layered jewelry and throw in some turquoise and bam you are looking Hooooooooottt!

I paired it with some western booties.

Semi Western

I feel like I need to grab a cowboy hat and my cowboy hubby and head out to the local rodeo with this look!

Start with the same fitted tank and add a denim jacket. This would also be so cute with lots of turquoise / western style jewelry and a fun black western hat!

I paired this with the same western booties.

What do y’all think? Which look is your favorite?

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