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What is THE BEST gift you have been given?

What is the most MEMORABLE piece of jewelry you have?

What is the best gift you could give to someone who has lost a loved one?

What is something you could give to your child or spouse to tell them how much you love them?

Custom jewelry is a one of a kind gift that you can give to yourself, your child, or your loved one.

Being able to capture your loved ones handwriting from a message they left you or giving the gift of a special message from you to your child or spouse is a one of a kind treasure that will be valued forever!

Memories of You

Death is something that I have had little experience with.

When I was in my 20’s I lost my grandmother and this was really the first time I had lost someone I was close to. Then 3 years ago my step dad (Donnie) was diagnosed with lung cancer.

He did the chemo and surgery, but in the end he lost the battle. It was truly the most awful thing that has ever happened to me. He wasn’t JUST My step dad. He was my dad! He has been a dad to me since I was 11 years old. He wasn’t perfect, but he was perfect to me. He loved me and my kids like his own and I am so thankful to have had him for over 20 years.

Seeing his handwriting from a card displayed so perfectly on a necklace is the best gift I could ever ask for!

How it Works

Sincerely Silver makes it SUPER easy to turn a special line from your treasured note or card into a valuable piece of jewelry.

Simply pick which product you want and then send them the message you want displayed on your special jewelry piece.

They are so easy to work with and the quality is amazing!


Click HERE and follow the link to Sincerely Silver to pick the perfect custom jewelry piece.

And just because your so AMAZING they are offering 15% off of your order with the promo code SINCERELY15

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  1. Danya how special this story of yours is. I love the necklace and what it represents. I am going to go over and check out.

  2. I like the idea of the shutters…Just love the necklace

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