DIY Antiqued Paper / Vintage Paper

DIY Antiqued Paper / Vintage Paper

Hey friends!

I’m going to show you how to antique paper. You know I’m all about DIY and saving pennies everywhere I can. Yes even on paper 😉.


Do y’all follow Natalie @vintageporch ? If you love DIY home decor ideas, then I highly recommend you head over and give her a follow! This DIY and several others were inspired by Natalie’s page and blog!

Items needed:

  • Copy paper
  • Hot water
  • Tea bags
  • Glass casserole dish
  • Cookie sheet

You can make as many sheets as you want or as little. I only made around 10 sheets since this was my first time antiquing paper and I didn’t want to end up with a ton of messed of pieces. Let’s face it… I’m 100% great at messing up DIY’s 😭.

My point in that was, since I only antiqued a few sheets,  I only used 6 small tea bags. If you are doing more you will need more bags.

I’ve always drank good old southern sweet tea, but over the last few months I’ve started drinking a night time tea and have been adventurous and purchased a few flavored teas here and there.

There is one particular sleepy tea that I was not a fan of, so let’s put it to good use.

I also threw in a mint tea for the nice aroma


Boil Water

It’s as simple as it sounds 🙂 . I used my tea kettle simply because it was already on the stove and ready. I boiled around 2 cups of water. You only need enough to cover your paper.


Steep the Tea

Place your hot water and the tea bags in a container of your choice (I used a glass measuring thing-y) and then cover for around 20 minutes. The longer you steep your tea, the darker your tea will be.


Soak the Paper

Crumble up a few sheets of your paper here and there in the middle of your pile and then place them in your glass casserole dish. Pour your steeped tea over the paper and move it around some ensuring all of the pages are soaking.

My favorite part of the end look was opening up one of the tea page and scattered the spices between each sheet of paper. I LOVE how the pages that had the spices on them while they baked had more of a vintage look, almost the appearance of burnt paper.

If you don’t really like this look then do not open your tea bags up.

Let the paper soak in the tea for around 20 minutes.



I laid out each piece of paper individually on a cookie sheet. The less water left on the paper the faster your cooking time. If you have time then standing the paper up somewhere (like in your sink or sitting them out in the sun) for a few minutes to allow the excess water to run off will speed the process.

Set the over for 200 and bake for around 5 minutes. Some of my pages took longer because they wetter when they started baking.



I went ahead and tea stained some doilies while I had the tea out.

Final Project

Overall this was a simple project!! I wanted to make a valentines vignette using my paper so I typed up the book quote I wanted to use and then feed my antiqued paper through the printer.


Crazy easy right!!

For the frame I used another goodwill frame (if you follow me on IG this has become a tiny obsession 😭😭) for around $6.

I painted the matte border in the frame and the frame with rustoleum clean linen chalk paint.

That is it!!! How simple was that? Now it’s your turn! Tag me in your final project 🙂


Thanks for stopping by!! I can’t wait to see how your projects turn out 🥳. Don’t forget to tag me so I don’t miss it.


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  1. I love tea staining it adds warmth and character. I recently did shams I bought new to give them a vintage look.

    Great tutorial you gave. I forgot to take pictures for mine, oh well


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