Large DIY Chalk Board for less than $20!!

Ready to save some money and make a DIY chalk board?

Super easy and inexpensive! Once again this diy was inspired by Natalie @vintageporch

Items needed:

  • Picture frame
  • Spray on Chalk paint for the board
  • Chalk paint for the frame
  • Paint brush
  • Chalk
  • Optional items: sand paper, wax for antiquing frame

Chalk Board Frame

For my frame I picked up this huge print from Goodwill for <$10. I wanted a really large chalk board for the hallway leading to the kitchen so this was a steal! Also you do not need the frames glass for this, so using one without the glass will work also.

I then took the frame apart and cleaned it. Depending on the color you want at this point you may want to do some sanding. I usually will look at the color of my frame to decide.

If my frame is dark and I’m painting it white, it I want to be able to distress it and have the dark color come through I will leave the frame alone at this point.

For me with distressing you just need to decide on frame color and what color you want to come through your paint.

For my frame I wanted the gold-ish color (see below) to peek through so no pre-sanding this time.

Chalk paint is great because no sanding or stripping required. Also if you want to lighten the paint you can simply wipe it with a wet cloth to get the desired effect. See above how the border of the frame has the original color showing. You can do this until you seal it.

So get to painting. I applied 2 coats of rustoleum clean linen chalk paint. For this project I diluted the paint 1:1 with water. After the paint was try I sanded the edges where I wanted to be able to see the gold and then used the wet cloth to “age” other places.

Once you have your desired look you then seal it. There are several options for this. I will sometimes use rustoleum matte finish or you can use hemp oil. I used a silk polyurethane for this (just bc it was the closest to me at the time, lol).

Chalk Board

For the chalk board I used the backing of my picture frame. Wow! How simple is that?!?! Easy Peasy!

Turn over the backing of your frame and get to painting it.

I prefer the chalk board spray paint for this. Start at or corner and go from side to side. Apply 2 coats.

Putting it Together

Now just put your frame together and season your board.

To season it turn your chalk on its side and cover the board in chalk. Then wipe it off with dry cloth. I did have an issue at first with lines being made on the board, but I figured out it was my chalk.

Hope this has been helpful! I can’t wait to see your boards 😍. Tag me on IG or FB ❤️.

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  1. Love this .. Mine just got broken so I’m making another one when I get a minute!!
    Love what you wrote on yours!!

  2. I just love chalk boards. Such a pretty frame you placed your board in. Love the turtorial Danya.

  3. I love chalkboards but they’re expensive! This is such an amazing idea. I love how you transformed a thrifted picture frame into a chalkboard. Very creative!

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