How to have a stylish wreaths without spending a fortune!

I love adding pretty wreaths to our front doors and our back porch, BUT I hate the prices of “fancy” wreaths.

Here are 2 ideas for making your own fancy wreaths using bells, ribbon, ornaments, and bottle brush trees.

I needed new Christmas wreaths and found these cute ones at Walmart for $20.

If you want to save even more money you can make your own wreaths using fresh greenery from your yard! I did this one year and it was so pretty, but man it tore my hands up (wear gloves!!).

Wreath One

Items needed:

  • Bells
  • Wide Ribbon
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wreath

First fluff out your wreaths.

Now make your bows.

Hand tied bow

Bow Option 1: You can do this the easy way and literally tie a bow just like you tie your shoes.

Bow Option 2: Use 3 strands of ribbon and a glued gun to make one. You will need strands for your tail, the bow, and the center of the bow. Fold the tail in half and sit aside. Tie a lose knot in the piece that will be your center. Fold the strand for the actual bow in half and gather the center. Now stack the tail under this and wrap the strand with the knot around the center of the bow. Use the glue gun and secure the centerpiece on the back.

Lastly use your pipe cleaner and tie the bow and bells to the center of your wreath.

Wreath Two

Items needed:

  • Bottle brush trees
  • Ornaments
  • Literally anything you want to add! Lots of creators have made these using the little houses at Targets Dollar Tree spot.
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Hot Glue Gun

Fluff wreath.

Now lay out how you want to design your wreath. For light items like the bottle brush trees simply add hot glue to the wreath and adhere trees. For heavier items use pipe cleaners.

For the ornament clusters take a pipe cleaner and loop 3 ornaments through. Twist the pipe cleaner and then add them to the wreath.

Some other ideas would be to use wooden words, wooden figures like a Santa, or Christmas florals! There are so many different cute options!!

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