DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Hello Friends!

Who all has seen the beautiful drop cloth curtains all over pinterest and instagram? I was seeing them all over the place for months and then decided to give it a try.

Initially when we built our house we put 2” faux wood blinds up in all of the bedrooms and on all of the windows on front of the house downstairs.

I love being able to see out without having to look though blinds, but we also wanted some privacy at night. I’ve looked and looked for different window treatment options, but you want the truth? I am CHEAP! Lol.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE nice things, but if I can save money then I’m going to atleast attempt to DIY it!

Bringing us to the DIY drop cloth curtains….

They are 100% no sew…. like so much so that there isn’t even adhesive strips involved (unless you want to use it).

Items needed:

⚠️⚠️** For a lighter look and for a softer texture you will need to bleach your drop cloths. Click here to see how >> BLEACHING YOUR DROP CLOTHS **


First you need to measure what size drop clothes you will need.

LENGTH: Measure from the top of your curtain rod to the floor and the add enough material for your overhang. This is all going to depend on the look you are going for. Below are a couple of different options. Also, where you want to install your curtain rod will need to be decided before you measure. Just don’t short yourself on material. It’s better to have more material than less.

CURTAIN ROD: Make sure you like the look of your rod since it will not be hidden. I love the oil rubbed bronze or black, but this is all according to your style and preference. We raised our curtain rod 7″ above the trim. This will give the appearance of taller ceilings, which is what I wanted to do. We have a 2 story house currently so our walls are shorter than our old house.


When I hung my first set of curtains I had a shorter overhang and stopped the curtains a couple of inches before the floor.

Another way to hang them is with more overhang and with a couple of inches on the floor. Like this..

Either way looks good, but honestly I prefer more overhang and the gathered look on the floor like in picture 2.

Another option is how I hung them over the kitchen sink. For these I did have to use adhesive tape.

I cut off the drop cloth to the length I wanted, used adhesive tape on the ends for a cleaner look and then had a short overhang. See below…


Once you decide on the amount of overhang you want then it’s time to hang them. I like the seam showing as you can see on the close up below, therefor I fold them where this is on the front.

Simply fold them over and clip them to your hooks.

You can create a more pleated look by doing a little fold over. Click here to see a video on this.

That’s is it!!! Told you it was crazy easy. Lol.

Thanks for stopping by!! I can’t wait to see how your projects turn out 🥳. Don’t forget to tag me so I don’t miss it.

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