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Hello everyone, Danya here 💁🏻‍♀️

Welcome to our monthly challenge hosted by my sweet friend Terrie with Decorate and More with Tip!

We were challenged to use a glass jar of any kind and create a Thanksgiving Vignette. PSSSSTTTTT…. don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom and check out everyone else AMAZING jars!

So where to start? First off if y’all follow me y’all know I will DIY almost anything just to save a dollar! Speaking of saving a dollar…..

Have you ever seen the meme below? I have for sure looked back after trying to save a dollar and realized I SAVED ZERO! Luckily this is NOT one of those projects 🙂


(Source of above photo: Pinterest)

My tablescape inspiration if from a beautiful instagram account, Marly @abrickhome . She has stunning tablescape! She used neutral colors and mixed pumpkins and evergreens!

Now…. How to create my own version of this look?!

My jar… I found my jar in a tote where I keep old décor items. It is a glass pitcher that I have had for years and really didn’t have a use for.

I started by going outside and collecting pinecones and clipping off some greenery (FREE). I also brought in some dried hydrangeas, but I figured out the jar was too narrow for the greenery and the hydrangeas, so I ended up not using them. I knew I wanted neutral colors so in one of my many runs to TJ Maxx/ Home Goods/ Marshalls (yes I went to all 3) in search of RED Rea Dunn (NO LUCK!), I ran across a box of small ornaments that went perfectly with my color scheme.

Total cost of the everything used for the glass jar was $7.99 for the ornaments! 🙌🏽

I first put a few ornaments in the bottom of the glass jar along with some pine cones. It took me a few tries with the greenery to get it all positioned like I wanted it. After I had all of the greenery in place I took additional ornaments and poked them along the sides of the jar. That’s it!!! Simple as that!

I used my left over pine cones, the hydrangeas I ended up not using and the left over ornaments and placed them in my centerpiece and on the table.

The only thing I think I would do different the next time would be to find a way to keep water in my glass jar so my greenery will last longer. Last Christmas I did this in my copper pitcher and they lasted what seemed like forever.

Thanks so much for stopping by!! For more inspiration don’t forget to check out everyone else’s DIY’s below!

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❤️ Danya ❤️

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  1. Danya, Your tablescape is beyond beautiful. I love everything you placed on it. The pitcher used as a vase is a perfect touch. Things we don’t even think of could possibly be the star of the show. I love your creativity! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Than you Terrie! I am so happy that you inspired me to try my hang at these projects and blogging.

  2. Your table looks so pretty! I love the pitcher and how you filled it greenery and pine cones from outside. How creative!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle 🙂

  3. Your table looks stunning, very charming style, found you on Michelle’s blog!

  4. OMG…that meme is priceless! Anytime you can incorporate free stuff from nature I’m all for. Your tablescape is just beautiful. I wonder if the greenery was placed inside a small glass vase with water then placed inside the vase would solve your dilemma?

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