Here is a super easy and inexpensive Valentines Day DIY! Using yarn and cardboard!

Items needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Heart to trace. I googled hearts and made it the size of 6 on one 8×11 page
  • Pencil
  • Yarn
  • Twine
  • Glue gun

Trace and cut out your hearts.

You can use whatever yarn you want and make it however you want.

I decided to use a chunky colored yarn as a base to peek through the smaller white yarn.

For my method wrap the chunky yarn around twice and add a small dot of glue at the start and the end.

Now come in with your smaller yarn and wrap. It took me several times to figure out the easiest way to get it wrapped. I started at one point on the heart and wrapped as I turned the heart. So start in the middle and wrap to the right until you end back up in the middle. I then went the other direction and just continued this until all of the cardboard was covered. It’s really just a messy process and as long as the cardboard is covered I don’t think it matters which direction you go. Keep one finger on the portion your wrapping to keep it tight.

After I had it covered I cut the smaller yarn and added a dot of glue to the end.

To hang mine I decided to thread twine through the right tip of each heart. I did have to glue down the yarn closest to where the twine was threaded through to prevent it from unraveling.

Here is a short video on the process!!

That’s it! This was my first try at it and I’m happy with how they turned out ❤️❤️

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