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Quarantine Upcycle Challenge: Dresser Makeover

Hello friends! Welcome to our monthly blog hop hosted by Emily at Le Cultivateur and Tara at stilettos and shiplap .

This month we will each show you something we have given a makeover. We each took something we already had (pre-quarantine) and are giving it a new look.

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This month I am showing you a simple furniture redo. Well simple for me since my projects are typically a disaster 😂😂. You can see what I mean by checking out my shelf redo and my Buffett mess.

Here is a before shot of the dresser that I found on marketplace for $35 back before COVID hit. I am redoing my grandsons room and needed a place to store his clothes and a few of his toys.

I honestly search marketplace several times a week, but I typically miss the good stuff. This one was listed with my Buffett so I was able to get both pieces for $70!

If you can find real wood pieces for those prices that’s a great buy in my book!

We also found him a daybed on amazon that is super affordable (I’ll show y’all the final room once we get a mattress and bedding).

You can check out the bed here.


The thing I usually hate most is sanding. First I remove all of the hardware and clean the furniture with either diluted bleach or a soapy rag.

I knew my plan for the dresser was to use chalk paint so thank God there wasn’t much sanding to do! I just lightly sanded any rough spots and corners.

Here is a link to my favorite sander! It’s a palm sander and is so easy to use (and is less that $60 🙌🏽). You can also find the chalk paint that I used by clicking HERE. Chalk paint is by far the easiest paint to use in my none expert opinion! It will cover almost anything.


After I lightly sanded the dresser and cleaned it I applied a coat of crackle glaze. This is what gives this piece the chippy look without sanded or working hard for it (remember I hate sanding!).

I applied a coat to the entire piece and then let it set for around 45 min. You want the glaze to have a tacky feeling to it before you apply your paint.


Now that my glaze has a tacky feel I applied one coat of my fave chalk paint.

THATS IT! I have been amazed with this glaze. Usually it’s pretty difficult to get that chippy look. But with this glaze it’s crazy easy!!


I cleaned up the hardware and reapplied what I had. The dresser was missing 2 handles so I used some inexpensive faux crystal balls for those pieces.

All Finished!!

Can y’all guess the bedroom theme? 🤔

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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Don’t forget to scroll down and check out everyone else’s projects!




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  1. I love this dresser!! It looks amazing painted white! And, of course, it is styled perfectly!! Such a fun project!

  2. SO cute. Love the lines on the dresser to begin with and it’s such a nice sturdy piece. Great makeover. I know this piece will serve you well for a long time. It can go in nearly any room.

  3. Hi Dayna,

    This turned out so prrtty@ Love the hardware and the wood showing a bit. Definitely a big piece.


  4. So so pretty Danya! I am obsessed with the chippy goodness!

  5. Oh wow! That came out so amazing. Awesome makeover!!!

  6. Danya what a great transformation. Love everything. Your daybed to dresser table. Love them both!

  7. Oh my word that dresser is amazing!!!
    $35 unbelievable. What you’ve done is just gorgeous, you put a lot of hard work into it and the result is amazing, love it!!

  8. Your dresser looks amazing! I’ve got to get some of that crackle glaze. I have some shutters I want to makeover but I hate sanding, too. I just want to paint and get it done! Curious – since you used chalk paint and the glaze, do you need to apply a wax finish?

    1. You can use a glaze after if you want an antiqued look or finish it with the matte sealer.

      1. Thank you!

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