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I am sharing my DIY Farmhouse Entry Table with ya’ll 🙂

While building our house 🏡  I knew I wanted to use the lumber left from framing the house and wood from an old pile on our land to build something. I ran across this GORGEOUS farmhouse entry table on pinterest by homedecormomma and knew right away this is what I wanted 😍

After reviewing home decor momma’s table plans I made a list of supplies and drew  a sketch of the table. I then did what any good friend and mom would do…. I gathered the troops to help! We dug through the massive pile (and I mean massive) of lumbar scraps for the majority of the table. For the bottom slats we used the wood from an old privacy fence that was on the land.

img_4352 img_4364 fullsizerender

We first cut each piece of wood and then began putting it together.  As you can see below the wood used for the slates (from the old privacy fence) was extremely weathered. To remove the years of tarnish I first pressure washed the table and then used the palm sander to smooth all of the edges and remove the debris.

img_4475 img_4473 fullsizerender-1 img_4615

I then applied a grey stain and lime washed it with two coats.

It was a little wobbly (this was total builder error and I can say that since I’m part of the building crew:) so we added a solid backing which completely fixed it!!

img_4628 img_4630


👌🏽  Annnnnd Ta Da…..

I am so happy with how it turned out!!
FullSizeRender-3.jpg FullSizeRender-5.jpg

Stay tuned for updated pics of this in our new house!!!

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  1. you are my inspiration and my best friend. i love you more than anything momma!

    1. and you are the best daughter anyone could ask for!!

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