Hey everyone!

I am SO HAPPY to finally be able to show off our BEAUTIFUL new Farmhouse Sink!

We have slowly upgraded our home over the last couple of years and this sink has been the best upgrade yet!

Here is a before picture of our kitchen.

Our kitchen opens up to the living room and dining room and seems to be where our friends and family enjoy hanging out the most. We have a huge sectional in the living room and still everyone seems to prefer the kitchen. Is there a room in your home that’s like that?

When we built the house we added granite counters and settled for the free stainless sink that comes with the counters. It wasn’t the preferred look and I knew I wanted to add a farmhouse sink eventually and now it has FINALLY happened!

I cannot say enough good things about this sink and working with Vintage Tub & Bath .

The sink we decided on is the Fireclay Reversible Apron Skirt Farmhouse sink in white. Take a look at this beauty!!

This style is the Randolph Morris. Their farmhouse sinks also come in copper and matte dark grey.

Alright, lets get this sink installed… If you are installing the sink in a newly constructed home then there are a few less things to consider.

For installation in a remodel here are a few important things to think about:

  • Sink Size
  • Type of installation
  • Cabinets
  • Counters
  • Support Frame
  • Plumbing

When upgrading your sink start by measuring the space for your new sink. You will want to measure the width, depth, and height. Farmhouse sinks sit further forward (up to 1 ¼”) than a traditional sink so be sure to consider this when you measure.

There are 3 ways you can install your new sink: top mount, flush mount, or under mount. All 3 ways look great, but we went with under mount.

Since the new sink is taller than our old sink the cabinets underneath the sink had to be taken out and cut down. Luckily we have a great cabinet guy who took care of everything for us. He came over and took the doors off, cut part of the cabinet out, and then took the doors with him to resize.

After the cabinet was out of the way it was time for the biggest challenge of the whole project, the existing granite counters. We had the granite workers cut a piece of granite out and then add a new piece of granite to the back of the sink. They also had to polish all of the edges and add a seam. Man this was a huge mess!! If you are replacing your counters at the same time as installing your sink then this will make the project so much easier!!

I’m pretty sure he should have safety goggles on! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I highly Recommend if you’re going to be doing this yourself, that you wear some!

Now that the granite is cut and the old sink was removed, a support frame was built and installed. For construction of your support frame see your manufactures recommendations.

YAY… our new sink is settled into its new home, and now it’s time for our plumber to come in and move the drains and garbage disposal forward.

What do y’all think? I am SO HAPPY with the sink! Don’t forget to head over to Vintage Tub & Bath and check out all of their wonderful products!!! Don’t forget to check out their Tubs 😍!

Look at the difference in the first picture and this one!!

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