Hello everyone!!!

Welcome to our house building journey. My inspiration for this blog was my love for building, creating, seeing a vision come to life, and to help in any way with your same journey.

When we decided to sell our 1st house and build again it all happened so fast we didn’t even have time to realize what we had done. We listed our house and 6 acres and it sold…. IN ONE DAY!!! Yeah, thirty one days later we were out of what we thought was our dream home and in a rent house (NO FUN!). After that we went back and forth with trying to find our dream land or settling and building next door to the house we just sold (since we still owned 6 acres there).

My husband wanted more land and searched site after site for the perfect place. We ended up finding 52 acres and that was that… within a week we were starting the buying process. Which brings us to our house building journey.


I searched for months for the perfect house plan. I searched plan after plan and nothing was IT. We took the ones we liked best and sketched out what we wanted and met with an architect. He was able to draw out the plans to our dream home to build on our dream land.

Initially we wanted to build a rock and brick country style home and then THERE IT WAS!!!!! My husband had told me about this rock and metal house, but you know in one ear and out the other… and then one day were were driving back home and I saw it! I made him turn around so I could take pics from the road (like a house stalker). It was a rock and red metal house that is quite opposite of what I am usually drawn to, but I WAS IN LOVE <3. Of course I had to hear the I told you so’s and the “I’ve been telling you about this house”, but I didn’t care. We then began the search for info on metal houses. I wanted to see pictures of other metal and rock houses, but to my disappointment there was VERY LITTLE. Which brings me to why I am starting this blog. Let me bring you up to speed with where we are today….

Take a little (when I say little I actually mean HUUUUUUGGGE headache, lost sleep, wild, yet fun) trip with me through the process….

As you can see we have been hard at work with footings, lots of dirt work, plumbing rough in, slab, safe room, framing, electric and plumbing work, metal installation, shingle shake siding installation, Cedar beams, and finally the rock that brought it all together.  (I will post separately on items like the beams, metal, rock colors, etc…)

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Which brings us to where we are today!! 
Man that sky!!!!!

While we remain Under Construction, literally… I will continue to update on our progress and add separate posts on building mishaps/DIY’s/Money saving tips/planning, as well as my progress with antique finds and decorating DIY’s.

From the moment we talked about building I have searched high and low for lighting, home decor, and furniture to fill this “big barn” as we have heard people call it 😉

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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  1. I can’t wait to hear more! My husband and I just purchased his 40 acre family farm, and we’re planning on tearing down the old house and building new. We have NO idea what we’re getting into, so it will be nice to read the experiences of someone who’s done it!

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