Floating Candles Using Pool Noodles

Floating Candles Using a Pool Noodle

I had some old pool noodles that were torn and instead of throwing them away I decided to try this easy DIY. Keep reading until the end to see why this project didn’t work for us and for a short video on making these light!

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I love to see the pool all lit up at night and I figured these floating candles would make it even prettier!

Items needed:

  • Pool noodle
  • LED tea lights
  • Scissors or carving knife to cut the noodles

I used my carving knife to cut the noodle. I’ve done this in the past to cut foam for a cushion and it was so much easier than using a knife or scissors.

Initially I cut the noodle in 4 inch sections, but after trying them out I had to go back and shorten them to 2 inch sections. The 4 inch pieces were too top heavy with the lights and immediately flipped upside down.

After I cut each section I tried adding my lights, but it was ripping the noodle trying to squeeze them in. I then used the carving knife and carved out some of the inside of the noodle so the lights would fit easier.

I then added the tea light to the foam. It fit pretty snug so no need to add a bottom. If you want you could add a little foil to the bottom of each candle to help protect the battery.

You will need to push the light down further than this to keep it from flipping over in the water.

Now turn on your lights and watch them float!

This was easy and inexpensive and a great idea for something like a stock tank pool, koi pond, or any type of pool that doesn’t have a slimmer.

Mine went straight to the skimmer and we’re all sucked right in, but they were pretty to watch for the 5 minutes it took for them to get there. Lol.

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