Hey y’all! Hope your summer has been fantastic so far! We have our family vacation coming up soon and I’m so ready to be lounging on the beach with all of my kids and grandkids! Well and of course with hubby!

I received this pretty summer flower bouquet and decided to try the floral arrangement hack that I’ve seen everyone doing. It looked simple enough and turned out to be just as easy as it looked.

Plus… It really helped my flowers stay in place.

Items needed:

  • Flowers, of course 😉
  • Vessel for your arrangement
  • Tape (I used some scotch tape that I found laying around the house)

As always be sure to scroll to the bottom for a short video. I don’t always do the best job explaining, so I try to include a video when I can.

Apply the tape to your vessel horizontal and vertical. I started by going all the way from one side to the other horizontal.

And then go the other direction. You’re basically making small squares to stand the flowers up in. This helps keep each flower where you want it.

Now I’m no florist, as you can tell by my arrangement 😂, but I start by adding my taller flowers to the center and then evenly place each shorter flower around the outside. then I usually add my greenery last.

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❤️ Danya

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