Heatless Sock Curls

Heatless Sock Curls

Hey y’all!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous August!!

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In my search for trying to find heatless ways to style my hair I decided to try these sock curls!

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It’s insanely easy to do so why not give it a try!

I’ve tried this twice and I will say I’m not 100% sold on it. I’ve seen a couple of people with long hair try it and have gorgeous results.

There’s a short video at the end for visual learners like me 🫶🏽!

Items needed:

  • Mid length socks (not ankle)
  • Long makeup brush or chop stick

You can sleep with the socks in or wear them around for around 3 hours.

Start with damp hair (not wet!!)

The amount of curls all depends on preference and how thick your hair is.

Place make up brush in the sock.

Turn the sock upside down and tightly roll your hair around the makeup brush.

Take the bottom of the sock and pull it up and over the top of the sock.

Now, pull the brush out of the bottom.

Leave for 3 hours to overnight.

To remove take the top of the sock and fold it down. I recommend gently shaking your head or running your fingers through the tips of your hair. I would not brush the curls.

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