Hutch Transformation

Happy snowy Sunday morning!

We haven’t had a good snow in 5 years here in Arkansas so this southern snow storm took us my surprise! Although it’s made travel super hard… I love how every magical everything looks covered with a blanket of snow!

Since we were snowed in I decided to give my hutch a new look using milk paint and hemp oil from Shackteau Interiors.

Here is the before shot

First I gave it a good cleaning and removed all of the hardware.


If you haven’t used milk paint before it’s a beautiful finish, but it’s a little more advanced to figure out the mixture and outcome. You can create a easy distressed look by sanding areas before applying.

For this piece I wanted to do away with the distressed look so I added a bonding agent to my milk paint mixture.

I applied 2 coats all over and 1 additional coat to the areas that were wood colored or previously distressed.

I then removed the shiplap peel and stick wallpaper and had my hubby help with taking off the top decorative piece of the hutch. I wanted a more primitive squares look.

I briefly removed the doors to see how it would look with open shelving (I now know how to take and put back on cabinet doors😂). Ultimately I decided I liked the look with the doors on better.


After it was all painted and how I wanted it I used hemp oil sealer and applied 2 coats.


I then filled the hutch with a few simple pieces to give it a primitive look! This is a newer style to me so it took some back and forth with what pieces to add. Lately I’ve been craving a more minimal look. Seems like lately when I decorate I end up removing atleast 1/4 of it.

Simple. Clean. Squared. Textured. Minimal.

This seems to be the new decor style for The Robertson’s House! Now that doesn’t mean 3 months from now I won’t fill every space with things I love. Decor is like fashion. It’s okay to change your mind and style!!!

Do what makes YOU SMILE & brings YOU JOY!


What do y’all think? I’m super happy with it!

Here’s a quick video on the above steps!

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  1. Love the hutch it turned out fabulous!! Great tutorial..

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