Mantle Decor

Mantle Decor

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This month everyone is sharing how they decorate their fireplaces and mantles. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to share with y’all how you can transform your TV into any piece of art that you desire.

Who else has their TV on their fireplace mantle?

I am always envious of those that are able to style their mantle without this huge black TV screen messing it up. BUT lets face it… I’m not the only one who lives in our house and occasionally my hubby wins a decorating battle.

I have a couple of tricks that I am going to share with you on how I work around the TV and still get stylish pictures.

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If you are coming to be from Shea at Sweet Southern Blog thank you. I love Shea’s blog and all of her amazing projects and ideas. Isn’t her shiplap gorgeous?!

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Styling Your Fireplace

How to style your fireplace?

This really depends on your fireplace and your style. If you have a beautiful all white fireplace then you are safe to fill up your hearth and mantle with lots of fun things!

Fireplace Photo Credit: Pinterest

We went with a rock fireplace to match the rock on the outside of our house. I do wish I had designed it a little better to lighten the room up more, but there’s no going back now. If I had it to do over I would keep the same rock below the mantle and have shiplap above the mantle. This would for sure lighten up our room.

Since our fireplace is more colorful and dark, I keep my décor very simple. I prefer not to take away from the beauty of our rock and I don’t want to have a cluttered look. Therefore, I will usually place a large item on each side of the fireplace, and a few taller pieces on each side of the TV, and then add a simple garland. Also, during the winter we get a lot of use out of the fireplace so we have to be careful not to place items too close to the fire.

Hiding / Styling your TV

How to keep your TV and still get that stylish picture for instagram, pinterest, facebook, etc..

There are 2 things that I have done that are super easy!

The first one is just as simple as sitting a piece of art in front of the TV. Any large art piece that is thin enough to sit on the mantle.

fireplace 4

The next way I hide my TV is by not hiding it, but using it! YEP!  I use it to my advantage.

Do you have a smart TV or an apple TV? Those are the only products I am familiar with, but I am sure there are a ton of other devices you can use.

I will either use my apple TV and go to YouTube and type in what I am looking for such as “Spring Scene” or “Winter Scene”. Then you have a gorgeous picture right there to complement you own photo.

fireplace 6

You can also mirror your phone a screen. With an iPhone swipe up on the bottom of your screen. The same place you would go to for your brightness, airplane mode, etc… There is a button there that says screen mirror and then I just choose apple TV. Then I can mirror whatever I see on my phone to the TV. Now with some photos you may have to pinch in on your photo to get the picture where you want it.

Now for this you will have to use another phone to take your stylish picture because your phone is mirrored to the TV. Easy enough, borrow hubbies….. if he wants to keep the TV, Right?


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  1. Danya,
    gurl you are a genius! I LOVE the idea of using the Apple TV to make the TV a piece of art. As soon as I finish here you know I’m going to be playing with it. This would be great to do for parties etc. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Isn’t technology marvelous! Your mantel is so lovely, Danya and I love the idea of turning that ugly box into a piece of art!

  3. I must live under a rock, wait no I’m just showing I’m older than you. We have a smart TV, Samsung and I didn’t know about the pjcture ability.

    I’m checking into this because it’s not like I can hide a 60″ black box.


  4. I like your warm toned fireplace. And what a great idea for the tv!!! Ours is a smart tv, even though it is 11 years old…. so I can do that too! Thanks for the great tv inspiration! And your coffee table is amazing!


  5. Danya, I didn’t know you could do that with your phone. Amazing….thanks for the tip. This would be so handy, your big black screen can showcase a seasonal pic. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for joining in on the challenge this month. Great tip you shared with us.

  6. I love the way you decorated! Thank you for sharing the tv and phone tips. I had no idea!! Genius!

  7. I love the way you styled your mantle and Tv area I would just love to have a tv over a mantle .. I love the art idea . I usually use the YouTube fireplace Christmas scene and never knew about the other art . I’ll be definetly using that!! Thanks for all the info on it !!

  8. I love the idea of making an art piece out of the TV by using technology! Would be fun for holidays and parties.
    Pamela | DIY VIbes

  9. I absolutely love everything about your room and how you’ve styled everything!

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