One Room Challenge Entryway Room Reveal

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by to check out my final week of the One Week Challenge.

This was a 6 week challenge and you can check out more details about each week HERE. My entryway update is FINISHED!!

Week 1 / Week 2 / Week 3 / Week 4 / Week 5

YAY! We finished, despite contracting COVID during week 2 and being quarantined. We also overcame some painting challenges like my huge lesson learned of never using silicone caulk on a surface you plan to paint (that was a mess!!) and a million messes from dogs and kids!

Our house is only 3 years old, but due to saving money several things have slowly been upgraded. The two main things we did was to add board and batten and lightened up the room with lighter paint. Also, as much as I loved the farmhouse entryway table that I built, (this was the first piece of furniture I ever built) I was ready to move away from the farmhouse look and change out the table.

Then we ended the challenge with making an awesome entryway sign, refinishing the stained concrete floors, and then having the Christmas fairy come and sprinkle a tad of her magic through the room! Oh…. and I cant forget our easy peg rail!

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Board and Batten Walls and Painting

The board and batten (also known as tall wainscot) was so easy to hang (for full instructions visit week 2 and 3).. We discovered an awesome trick for finding the studs…. did you know for Sheetrock walls you can use a magnet to find the nails on each stud? I had no clue and man did this help speed things up!

For the board and batten we used:

  • Top border, common pine 1×4
  • Horizontal pieces and bottom border, common pine 1×3
  • Ledge, common pine 1×3 ripped in 1/2

Using the stud finding trick and a level just nail the bottom border, then the vertical pieces, then the top border to the Sheetrock. After this is all done, nail the ledge down to the top border.

Paint color is Sherwin Williams, Alabaster

And I can’t say this enough…. NEVER, EVER, EVER, use silicone caulk on a painted surface. Lol. Here will be your result if you do…

The paint separates 👎🏽

Peg Rail and Sign

We added a small peg rail on one side of the room with a 1×2 and shaker pegs.

Decide where you want each peg, then use a drill bit and make your holes in your wood, then use wood glue and glue them in. You can either paint your rail or stain it.

For the sign I had Home Depot cut my plywood to the size I wanted. You can use stencils, calligraphy pens, or a silhouette / cricket machine for your letters. I painted my sign white, added my letters, and then added a wood border to the sign with 1×2’s.

Floors and Furniture

This is our second home that we have built and had stained concrete floors. They are so inexpensive and fairly low maintenance. Usually 1-2 times a year you will need to polish them to keep some shine.

This time I decided to use leftover grout and fill in the cracks, I then stripped the floors, and applied seal and polish.

Such a pretty table but ended up being too short!!

For furniture I was really ready for a change with more of a countryhome/vintage style. I bought a table off of market place, but felt like it was too short. I then decided to move my Buffet table in there for now, since I would need room in the living room for the Christmas tree! I actually really love it in the entryway and may end up leaving it there even after Christmas.

Here is the final room reveal!!!

Thank y’all so much for taking time to check out my entryway one room challenge makeover.

As with all of my projects I learned so much. The board and batten was so easy and I’m thinking about taking it up the stairway.

What do y’all think?


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  1. Very nice! And yes, the board&batton was a game changer.. Congrats on a job well done

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