One Room Challenge Week 2- Entryway

One Room Challenge week 2- Entryway

Hello everyone and welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge!

I’m so excited to share with you my entryway progress!

To see my plans be sure to check out Week 1!

After you check out my progress below head over and check out all of the other participants!


Here is a before shot of the entryway. My goal is to brighten it up and transition the table away from the modern farmhouse look to something vintage.

Week 2- Tall Wainscot/ Board and Batten

I knew I wanted to do something to the walls to make a statement. Yet, I wanted to keep a simple look and didn’t want to take away from our iron doors and personalized R on our stained floors.

I’ve seen several friends do what my husband calls wainscot, but others call board and batten. I started doing some research and figure out it’s a tall wainscot. This seemed like a fairly simple process. I researched several different Pinterest posts and and blogs and here’s what I came up with…

Items needed:

  • 1×3 common pine
  • 1×4 common pine
  • Brad gun
  • Finishing nails
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Magnet
  • Level
  • Optional: F26
  • Miter saw
  • Table saw
  • Supplies for week 3… Caulk (NOT SILICONE!! We will get to my disaster next week!), putty and Paint

Cuts (usually I have exact cuts for my projects, but due to varying room sizes you will need to measure your room and cut accordingly):

  • Vertical pieces 1×3 common pine boards 5 ft long x however many pieces you need.
  • Bottom border, 1×3 common pine, measure around the bottom of the room and cut accordingly.
  • Top border, 1×4 common pine, measure around the top of the room and cut accordingly.
  • Ledge rip 1×3 in 1/2 with a table saw or buy a smaller piece. Measure around the room and cut accordingly.

Determine how far apart you want your vertical pieces to run. I wanted easy so I decided to place mine 16” apart (center to center of each piece), which is the distance between each stud. If your super picky and need 100% accuracy between your pieces, you may not want to use my method. Lol. If you do need exact distance between each one I recommend using F26 to adhere your wood to the wall on the areas there are not studs. Because of variations in carpenters things are rarely 100% where they should be.


Find Your Studs

If you have an awesome stud finder then perfect.. use it and mark each stud with a pencil.

If not I discovered the BEST trick ever! For years we have struggled with finding studs. We have purchased several stud finders and they never seem to work right. A carpenter recently told us it’s probably because the added insulation to our interior walls. He said that this can interfere with the stud finders readings. The most genius trick I’ve ever learned through all of my DIY‘s is using a magnet to find your studs! When your sheet rock is attached to your studs they use screws. The magnet will stick to the screws, therefore finding your studs! The screws should go in a horizontal line along your wall in a couple different spots on your studs.

Can you see my excitement 🤣

Find the studs and mark them. They are typically 16” apart. Remember 90% ( I totally made that number up!!) of the time things will not be exact so plan on struggling to find one or two of them.

Lower Border

Using the 1×4’s hang the lower border first. Place your nails where there are studs. Otherwise, your wood will pull away from the wall. We left our trim up and butted the 1×4 up against the trim. Our entryway leads to the hallway, living room, and laundry room so it would have been a massive job pulling up the existing trim.

Vertical Pieces

Now hang your 1×3’s vertically along your studs. Be sure to use your level to ensure each piece is straight.

Top Border

Back to your 1×4’s, hang the top border all the way around the room placing your nails on each stud.


I decided I wanted a thin ledge. After consulting with my IG bestie and texting her random videos and pictures of different sizes of wood I ripped a … and nailed it down along the top border.

Follow along with me to see weekly updates on my progress over the next 6 weeks. Next week is caulking, puttying, and painting. I’m so excited to see how all of this turns out!

Thank for stopping by!


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