Peg rails & polishing stained concrete! One Room Challenge Week 4- Entryway

Welcome to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge. I am redoing our Entryway for the challenge.

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For week 4 of my entryway update I have added a peg rail and refinished my stained concrete floors.



This rail was so easy to add to my new board and batten wall !

Items Needed:

  • Pegs, I found these as a 2 pack at Home Depot
  • 1X2 common pine (PTL lumber prices are starting to come back down!)
  • Drill / Impact with 1/2” drill bit
  • Tape measure
  • Sanding pad
  • Pen
  • Nail gun or good old hammer and nails
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint or stain

Start by cutting your common pine to the appropriate size. I made mine slightly smaller than the wall.

Now decide how far apart you want your pegs. I went with 6″ apart and centered mine on the wood. Use your tape measure and pen and mark your wood accordingly. Then take your drill / impact and make your peg holes.

Use your sanding pad and sand each hole. I went ahead and sanded the ends of my wood while I was sanding.

Apply the wood glue to the end of each peg and place in the peg hole. I allowed mine to dry for around 4 hours after this.

My board and batten wall is painted white so I decided to stain my peg rail to get a nice contrasting look. I went with a lighter stain then I typically use. This is stained using minwax weathered oak.

Allow your stain (or paint) to dry and then nail your peg rail to the wall. Luckily we already knew where our studs are from doing the wall so this was super easy to hang.

Refinishing Stained Concrete Floors

I don’t know how yall feel about stained concrete floors, but let me tell yall… if you are building a house and looking for ways to save, staining your concrete is the way to go! It cuts your flooring budget by well over 1/2. This is the second home we have had stained concrete floors in and over the summer I stained the concrete on my back porch. You can find that post HERE. Atleast once a year I apply polish/wax to the floors to keep them looking shinny.

For the challenge I decided to fill in my holes and cracks using grout and then strip, seal, and polish the floors.

I was home recovering from Covid so seemed like a great time to knock it out. Of course this lead to me doing all of the floors! Man it was a JOB BUT it looks so pretty!!

Let’s get started! First strip the floors. Of course do this according to your products instructions. The one I used is zeps and you mix the product, mop it on, wait 7 minutes, and then using water mop it twice.

Now let’s fill these cracks!! I started by mixing up some grout we had left over from building the house. I filled in all the cracks with the grout and the wiped with a damp sponge.

After this was good and dry I mopped again. I then waited 24 hours to make sure the floors are good and dry! After they were dry I applied the sealer using a roller.

24 hours later I applied coats of the zeps polish. Yes FIVE!

Man I’m worn out all over again just typing all of it! But it looks so pretty and shiny!!!

I can’t believe the room is almost done YALL! All that’s left is decorating and making a large sign for the table! Be sure to check in next week to see my progress!

Thank y’all so much for taking the time to read this! Please leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by!

❤️ Danya

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  1. I love the stained concrete floors!!!

  2. I really like the stained concrete floors! I am making note of this recommendation in case we ever build from scratch! Thank you for sharing at Embracing Home and Family!

  3. […] We used a 1×2 common pine and shaker pegs to make our rail. I spaced the pegs 6” apart. Here is more details on how to install the peg. […]

  4. Hi Dayna. I LOVE your stained concrete floors and I’m looking to do them for a basement apartment. Can you share more about the color you used, and how thin or thick the stain was? And when you talk about the 5x, is that color or clear polish? It looks like there are three products involved, one to prep the surface, one to stain the concrete, and one to seal and shine. Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. My builder wants to use epoxy, but that’s just way to shiny for me and I love what you’ve achieved here.

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