One Room Challenge week 5 Entryway

Happy November sweet friends and welcome to my week 5 update for the One Room Challenge!

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This week we made an AWESOME sign for the entryway! We have a silhouette machine that I got a couple Christmas’ ago! I have NO CLUE how to use it, but thankfully my daughter is now a pro!!

Recently we made a large sign using my wood burner, so for this project we use leftover plywood and leftover 1×2’s. Additional supplies needed are: paint, stain, tape measure/ruler, silhouette machine, Tablesaw, nail gun, sander.

If you do not have a silhouette machine, this could also be made using stencils.

Cut your plywood the appropriate size. I had the lovely employees at Home Depot do this for me!

Paint your plywood and allow to dry for 24 hours.

Determine how large you want your letters to be and print your letters from the silhouette machine.

Now add your letters to your sign.


I like to cut the word for my frame after my sign is done. I just lay my sign out and hold each one by two up to the sign and market

Cut your wood, sand it, stain it, then allow 24 hours to dry. My husband took each piece of wood and made a groove with the tablesaw for the plywood to sit in. I honestly don’t think I would do this next time. If you choose not to make the groove then you can nail your sign to the back of your frame.

Can y’all guess by this picture what piece of furniture we ended up using? I bought a lovely antique table off of marketplace to use, but it was a bit too short and it just didn’t feel right.

It’s really a pretty piece and I love the green (park bench from fusion mineral paint), but for now it’s not what we are going to be using.

Thanks so much for stopping my! Next week is the final week and I can’t wait to show you everything! If you have time check out the previous weeks.


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