Board & Batten! One Room Challenge week 3- Entryway

Hello everyone and welcome to week 3 of the One Room Challenge.

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This week isn’t near as exciting as last week, but I want to share with y’all my disaster and hope that y’all can learn from my mistake! Now that the board and batten is hung it’s time to putty, caulk, and paint.

Luckily I was a week ahead on my project because a week ago I was diagnosed with COVID! My husband brought it home from a trip to Montana. He was home for 2 days before we figured out he had it, so in that time he shared the love! I was totally down for 4 days and wasn’t able to work on anything. I am feeling 80% better and jumped back in on my entryway project. Now to talk about painting!


I puttied majority of the nail holes and then started caulking. I caulked around all the edges on the main wall and then made it to the smaller wall and ran out of caulk. Luckily (not so lucky) I found some in the garage! I then finished up the caulking (so I thought!!).

Now, time to paint. I decided to go with Sherwin-Williams creamy to match my baseboards. At least initially this was the plan, but stay tuned the whole room was changed.

I painted everything on the large wall and then made it to the smaller one. For some reason when I started painting this wall my paint was doing this weird separating thing. No clue why, but I thought the paint was to blame, so back to Sherwin-Williams I went. I decided to go ahead and change the color to alabaster since I was having to get new paint anyway!

So I get back from my run to Sherwin-Williams with my brand new paint and again it’s separating!

What in the world is going on? So I go to my Instagram stories and share some pictures and ask if anyone has any suggestions.

Man I have some smart IG friends! Did y’all know that there is certain caulk that’s not paintable? Well if you didn’t I’m here to tell you… there is! Silicone caulk is not able to be painted. 🤯

Now, to correct my mistake! It took lots of sanding off all of the areas of paint and silicone caulk and then I had to apply two coats of kilz primer. After a wasted day and a lesson that I’ll never forget… I then painted both walls with the SW Alabaster.

What do y’all think? Hanging the wood was easy breezy. So far the hardest part has been the painting! Man what a disaster!

Oh look at this mess 😭😭. Guess that’s what I get for having my paint in a solo cup!!

Thank y’all so much for checking out my weekly progress! We are 1/2 way through the challenge! Up next for me is adding a peg rail to the smaller wall and deciding on paint and decor!

This should be the fun abs easy part.. right?

See y’all next week!


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  1. Love your doors. The board and batten looks great. Hopefully your little one wasn’t too upset about getting paint instead of juice from that Solo cup.

  2. This turned out great! Your disaster sounds like me!! Lol

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