Can y’all believe there is only one week until Christmas? As usual I’m running late and still finishing up some decorations and shopping!

I try each year to make unique stocking tags. I decided this year to use ornaments with each persons name on them. This is a super easy to do project, but finding the clear ornaments may be difficult. I got lucky and found two boxes at Walmart. I’ll also show you some miniature ornament shot glasses that I used for the girls tags.

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Check out my LINKS here😘

Items needed:

  • Clear glass ornaments
  • Sharpie marker or some sort of permanent decorative pen
  • Spray glue
  • Glitter
  • Thin ribbon, velvet would be super pretty

First, start by spraying the glue inside of the ornament. Spin your ornament to allow the glue to coat all of the inside.

Pour the glitter inside of the ornament and place your thumb over the opening and give it a shake. Ensure there is no jagged glass, we don’t need a crafting injury😂!!

Now write each person‘s name on one side and you can add a Christmas tree or a present on the other side.

I also found these ornament shot glasses at Walmart. And wrote each person‘s name on one side and Merry Christmas on the other side.

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