Outdoor Life Hack for Flies

Outdoor Life Hack for those annoying Flies 🪰!!

Summertime means so many of my favorite things: pool time, cook outs, hanging out at the lake, longer days, pretty flowers, I could go on and on! One of my least favorite things about summertime is flies!

This year has been especially bad with flies. Our porches were covered with them and with everyone going in and out of the house, guess where they ended up?! Yep… in the house!

I thought about just locking everyone out of the house, but figured that wasn’t very nice, and I bet they are smart enough to find a way in! 😂

A co-worker told me about how she used bars of Irish spring soap to get rid of theirs!

Off I ran to our local Dollar General (bc they are literally every where in the south) and bought several bars!

I have heard of using the soap 3 different ways:

  1. Placing the whole bars in different locations.
  2. Breaking up the bars and placing the pieces in small bags.
  3. Using shavings from the bars.

I of course went with the easiest of the 3 and left my bars whole. I hid the bars in various spots such as: behind my welcome sign, behind my old milk jug, in the old wooden tool box with my faux roses, and inside a small pot.

It’s crazy the difference. Now we only have a few here and there, which is much more manageable.

Now to figure out how to get rid of all these dang spiders! If you have an easy spider solutions drop it in the comments! Please & Thank You!!! 🙂

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