Oven Cleaner to Strip a Wicker Basket

Oven Cleaner to Strip a Wicker Basket

I’ve used oven cleaner to strip paint from furniture in the past and it was pretty easy compared to most stripping methods.

Have you tried this stripping method? Here is a post where I used this method to remove a white wash paint from our end table.

I love this little planter, but I wanted some contrasting wood and white colors and figured I would give the oven cleaner stripping method a shot. Some of the paint had started coming off from me leaving it in the weather last summer so this should be fairly easy 🙂

Find this planter HERE

I saturated the top of the planter (the wicker part) with oven cleaner. It’s literally as easy as it sounds. Just spray the product all over and let it sit for 1-2 hours.

Next, you can either take a wet soapy rag and wipe the oven cleaner off (BE SURE TO WEAR GLOVES) or use a water hose and spray it off.

Once it dries you can repeat the process if there is still paint present.

I did this twice and all of the paint was off after the second time.

I do like it better, but it is still a little darker then I want it.

To lighten the wicker I used a bleaching method.

Simply spray the bleach mixture (1:1) onto the wicker and let it sit in the sun for a few hours. Rinse, let it fully dry, and repeat the process until it is the desired shade.

Super easy and much closer to the look I wanted.

***As always only use both of these methods in a well ventilated space, wear protective gear like gloves and goggles, and protect the surface under where you will be spraying the oven cleaner or bleach.***

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