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Happy July! Hope everyone is having an awesome summer! We are soaking up every minute of our pool time and summer activities!

This month I am shifting my focus more back to what I love… projects, DIY’s, and of course life hacks! Speaking of, here is an easy hack to help with hanging pictures.

I always have the hardest time getting my pictures straight the first time!! I use to have to ask my husband because I couldn’t ever get them straight!! Anyone else? Surely it’s not just me 🙂


This hack will help you with positioning your nails the proper distance from one another, but you will still need to use a tape measure to measure from the ceiling to where each nail will be.

Items needed:

Place a strip of the painters tape across the back of the picture just under the hangers.

Mark on the painters tape with your pencil/pen/nail where the nails will be.

Now use your tape measure and mark on the wall with your pencil from ceiling to nail holes. For example if you want the hangers to hit 36 inches from the ceiling then measure 36 inches from ceiling to where each nail hole will be.

Remove the painters tape from the picture and place it on the wall. Align it with your ceiling marks.

Now place your nails / hanging hooks and hang your picture (I prefer the hanging hooks because no need to worry about finding a stud).

For information on the hanging hooks click on the link above.

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