Preserving Pampas Grass

Preserving Pampas Grass

Who is ready for fall? Summer is winding down and I’ve started decorating for fall and I’m actually excited to do it!


I honestly have been in a decorating funk for a while. Decorating my home used to be something I enjoyed, but since January I’ve been blah with it! I started craving a more minimal look and wanted far away from the cluttered overdecorated look. Now, if you love to fill every inch of your home with your favorite decor then DO IT! Decor is all about doing what makes you happy!

For my early fall decor I’ve added simple, neutral pieces. Pampas grass has become a fall staple and goes great with most decor styles. I’ve have pampas grass that I have bought, as well as some that I’ve taken from plants.

Me and 2 of my babies! 🫶🏽

We went to the beach over the weekend for a short birthday trip and I had intended on cutting some of the huge pampas grass thats all over Florida, but we got busy and never did! I have some of the really small pampas grass that I purchased last year from Amazon. I also have some ornamental grass that looks really similar to pampas grass that I use.

How to preserve pampas grass (I included a short video below)

  • Cut the grass
  • Spray the grass (not the stems) with starch or hair spray
  • Allow to dry and display wherever you like

You can also use this method to fluff pampas grass. Spray it, turn upside down, roll the stem back and forth between the palms of your hands.

Easy and if you can find some on the side of the road then free :))

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