Removing Rust from Flatware with Foil

I didn’t realize how super simple it is to remove rust marks on your flatware!! All you need is a piece of foil! There’s a short video at the end for my visual learning friends :))

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Removing Rust from Flatware with Foil

I’ve had rust marks on my flatware for months and recently saw a TikTok on two easy ways to remove it. I had intentions of trying both methods, but didn’t have any rust spots left after trying the first one. Lol!

If y’all try the second method you’ll have to drop me a comment and let me know if it worked!

Rubbing with Foil

For the first way you need to tear off a small piece of foil. Take the foil and rub the areas that have rust. For some reason I only had rust marks on my knives. For the most part it was very easy to do. There were a couple places that took a bit more scrubbing, especially in the grooves.

I’m sure it is possible to leave scratches on your flatware using this method, so if it’s extremely valuable or important you may want to try method 2.

Foil in the Dishwasher

The second method is equally as easy, but I’m not certain if it works. Cut a piece of foil about the size of a dinner plate. Ball the foil up into a loose ball. Place the foil ball in the flatware section of your dishwasher and run your dishwasher on whatever cycle you usually use. Supposedly all of the rest will be gone after this.

Super easy right!!???

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