Say Goodbye to Gnats and Fruit Flies

Say goodbye to pesky gnats and fruit flies using 3 simple ingredients!

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One of the many annoying summertime insects is a gnat and for some reason this year they have been especially ANNOYING. I’m not typically bothered by them, but it seems like everywhere I go they are hanging out in swarms waiting on me.

I had heard using apple cider vinegar and dish soap would keep them away so off to give it a try.

Initially, I used a combination of water, vinegar, and dawn dish soap. I added it to a spray bottle and gave it a good shake. I sprayed around the porch. It seemed like there were fewer of them using this combo, but there were still enough of them to bother me.

After reading more I saw where some people were using the vinegar and dish soap without the water or only using a small amount of water.

Let’s give it a try!!!

We had gnats all in our pantry from an old potato in our potato box!

I mixed the vinegar, dish soap, and a splash of water in a cup and sat the cup on the shelf!

Initially I thought it wasn’t going to work… I guess I expected the gnats to take off running to the cup ! I left the cup on the shelf overnight and bam… most of the gnats were gone and in the cup!

I’ve also read that this helps with fruit flies.

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  1. I’ll be trying this out , thanks for sharing! Teresa!

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