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When you think of Spring what do you think of?

For me when I hear the word spring, I think of New.

New beginnings, new growth, new life. Summer is by far my favorite season, but Spring is my second fave! I love the warmer temperatures, the budding flowers, the outdoor plants starting to bloom, and the cheery colors.

Inside of our home, Spring means a time to refresh and declutter. I don’t know about y’all, but for me after Christmas I tend to need more of a minimalist approach to decor. I love Christmas and I love filling every corner with trees and lights, but once it’s over and packed away I need empty spaces!

I’ll have to admit I’m not a very colorful decorator, but I try to incorporate some color into our home each Spring.

Spring Bedroom Tour

Cozy and comfortable spaces is what I want to feel in our bedroom. Some of the ways I achieve this is with cozy bedding, special pieces of furniture, and meaningful decor.


Our bedding is draped with soft fabrics, subtle textures, and neutral colors. I added a splash of wine by staining an old throw. I love this long and flowy bedspread from Walmart. Yep, Walmart! They have truly stepped up their decor game. The best part is it’s also super affordable (you can find a link to the bedding on my like it page)!


Anyone else have a pillow problem?

Seriously…. for years I had neck pain and bought every pillow out there. I would use them for a week and NOPE same pain 😭. Through this we now have a crazy pillow collection. I’ve since found that an inexpensive pillow from Walmart helps my neck the most, but I have to replace it every couple of months.

Wall Decor

We are doing a feature wall in shiplap soon, so I didn’t change much up with my wall decor. I added 3 changes:

  • A new spring print from my friend at Roxane Gabriel Art , click HERE to check her out.
  • I spruced up one of my wood windows using free succulent prints and then tea staining the paper (blog post coming soon on this!).
  • Lastly, I took apart a barn painting that I did a long time ago and added it to my large frame over the dresser.


After Christmas and winter I emptied out all of the trees and lights and did a good spring cleaning.

I really wanted to keep everything uncluttered, so I only added a few decor pieces back. I love how sometimes simple decor can make just as big of an impact! I added a milk glass lamp, a milk glass vase with pretty pink flowers, a floral print that I painted (I stand it up when the tv isn’t being used to hide the cords), and this box that my great grandpa made that’s filled with letters from my grandpa to his parents (my great grandparents).


Each area of our home is filled with antiques. Several of these belonged to my mamaw who passed away 20 years ago. I always tell people I had the best grandmother ever and now that I’m a grandma I strive to have the same relationship with my grands.

My bedroom has an old school desk that was my mamaws and this antique radio.

I hope you have enjoyed my bedroom spring decor tour.

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  1. Pretty tour Danya. I love that you have treasures from family, they are the best. Keeping memories alive is a wonderful thing.


  2. This is all so pretty, Danya! I love your linens and your cutie pie sidekick too. It’s so sweet you have family heirlooms mixed into this space. I know they make it extra special! Hugs, CoCo

  3. Your bedroom is wonderful – gorgeous pieces of furniture.

    My favorite pic is the one with the old letters. My parents saved all the letters my husband and I wrote to them when we were Peace Corps volunteers. I need to get them out and use them in a vignette.

    1. Thank you so much. What sweet memories to have ❤️

  4. Oh, Danya…I just adore that box of old letters! What a special family treasure! And I love all of the sweet spring touches you added to your room. A shiplap feature wall is on my own to-do list for our master bedroom, so I can’t wait to see yours for inspiration! Gorgeous job, my friend! xo, Kristi

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for including me

  5. I just adore this space! So pretty!

  6. I loved your spring bedroom tour! This is such a cute space!

  7. Your bedroom is so beautiful! I love all the vintage touches!!! Right up my alley!

  8. That vintage floral art is just stunning! A beautiful post!

  9. Your bedroom is styled perfectly for Spring!

  10. Your bedroom looks so cozy, but brightened with all your spring accents! Love the photo with the chest of drawers and the orange garland! Everything is so pretty. Pinned! Blessed to be on this tour with you!

  11. Love the beautiful additions for Spring. So pretty!

  12. Danya your bedroom is lovely. Love the pop of color in the framed art and the throw. Very pretty and cozy.

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