We spend most of the summer hanging out in or by the pool. We had so many problems with our pool the first 2 years that we regretted getting it (that’s a story for another day!). But, now that all of the kinks are worked out it’s been the best investment ever!

I love having the kids and grandkids over all the time and seeing them enjoy hanging out and swimming. Of course that includes hubby cooking on the grill (bonus for me!!).

Cooking and spending more time outside means I needed a cute outdoor tablescape.

➡️If you missed how we cleaned up the weathered wood on our picnic table CLICK HERE and check it out.⬅️ I wanted to create something fun and super casual. My paint splatter idea came from one of my good friends. She told me about a Tik tok she had seen with a guy using paint and Dawn dish soap to make this cool paint splatter looking serving dish.

Items needed:

  • Dollar Tree Chargers
  • Spray Paint, paint splatter colors and black
  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • Water

I tried at first to make these using left over spray paint we had from past projects, but I wanted brighter colors and ended up spending $20 in paint!

First, spray the chargers in whatever pattern you want. These are the “paint splatters” that will show though the black. I wanted pool / summer theme so I went with neon green, orange, and a bright blue.

Next, use Dawn dish soap everywhere you want the “paint splatters” to show through. I went back and forth with a few thin lines and then added a splattered look with a few dots.

Finally, cover with your black paint and then immediately rinse off.

Super easy and perfect for our pool time and summer cook outs! I have a couple other dollar tree items I used for my tablescape that I’ll share soon. Be sure to give me a follow so you don’t miss out on them and check out a short video of the project below.

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