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Welcome to my first thrift store challenge. We were challenged to find an item from a second hand store, thrift store, flea market, yard sale and use it in our homes. Scroll to the bottom to check out everyone else’s finds!


I found a RC Cola wood crate at a local thrift store for less than $10 (For whatever reason I forgot to take my before picture).

It is wood with metal pieces on each corner. The metal pieces needed just a little bit of TLC and the letters were faded, but the box itself was in good shape. I cleaned the box up with soap and water and sanded down a few areas. I then took a hammer and gently straightened each corner where the metal pieces were lose.


Now how to use this vintage beauty 🤷🏻‍♀️

I knew I needed a table centerpiece and I don’t know about y’all, but if it’s anything too tall then my family just moves it so they can see one another 🤣

So… I figured this box would be perfect.

I started by deciding what all I wanted to use in box.

Here is what I seceded on:

  • Neutral Pumpkins and Gords
  • Deer antlers
  • 3 small neutral floral arrangement
  • Small single flowers
  • Dried hydrangeas


I filled the bottom of the box with brown paper as a filler that way I didn’t have to use as many pumpkins in the box (I mean who wants to waste pumpkins).

Then, I placed the antlers with the largest set in the middle and the others on each side.

Next, I placed the 3 flower bouquets in the center and 2 of the corners.

Finally, I arranged the pumpkins, small flowers, and dried hydrangeas in all of the empty spaces.

That’s it. Super easy and inexpensive table centerpiece!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Click on the links below to check out my blog friends Thrift store finds and to see what they did with them


Danya,  IG @just.another.farmhouse


Danya | A Vintage Flare Farmhouse

Follow along for lots of DIY'ing and thrifting with a side of mess ups and bargin finds!

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  1. Dayna this turned out great. Who doesn’t love an old crate and sanding it a bit made it that much prettier.

    All your treasures add it made it a showstopper.

    Enjoy your day


  2. So glad you joined us, Danya. Isn’t it so much fun? I love the vintage crate you found. It has so much charm and I can assure you – you will never run out of places to use it! I have a similar wood crate and I use it a lot!

  3. Danya what a beautiful centerpiece you made with the crate. I love your table and how you have it styled. Great job decorating.

  4. Oh wow, I love this crate so much and LOVE how you styled it too. It is stunning!

  5. This is gorgeous Danya! I absolutely love how you put this together with the antlers and pumpkins and dried flowers!! Beautiful!

  6. Oh I just love this it’s perfect for fall and I could just keep coming here !! You have done a fab job with decorating it !! Good work Danya!!

  7. I love your RC crate!! Reminds me of the Coke ones my Mom-Maw had! She owned a gas staton in the 50’s & 60’s.

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