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If you’re looking for an easy Valentine’s Day DIY check out my recent post HERE look.


Recently I decided to transition my end tables from a farmhouse look to a more primitive look with a light finish. I knew I wanted to get rid of the farmhouse look and was inspired by Natalie at Vintage Porch on the finish I chose.



I started the process by getting rid of the Farmhouse X’s on each end of the table. I took a hammer and after a few strikes they came right off. I’m loving them more already!

Now the pain in the A** part of the process… stripping and sanding (I’ll give you my 110% honest opinion on this at the end)!!

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Out with the farmhouse look!


For the stained part of the tables I sanded them down (I am never good at knowing what grit I used). I used a coarse sand paper with the belt sander and then used the palm sander around the edges. Make sure you wear a mask and if able take it outside.


You will need Citristrip stripping gel and press and seal!

I spent 2 days using the method I have used in the past and then a friend shared a MUCH EASIER way! Be sure to wear gloves, a mask, and eye protection.. generously apply the stripper using a sponge or cloth. Right after you apply it use press and seal and cover the area tightly. Make sure you do it fairly quickly because you don’t want to stripper to dry out. Let this sit for around 3 hours. Then remove your press and seal and use your scrapper and scrape off paint. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to remove all of the paint.


After your stain and paint have been removed take a wet cloth and clean off debris. Once dry wipe the furniture down with full strength bleach. If you are in a sunny area then place the furniture in the sun. Repeat this process twice. This step will help remove any yellowing of the wood.


24 hours after the last coat of bleach is applied you can not white wash the wood. White wash can be found in a stain or a paint. I made my own using white chalk paint and water. I did the first table with a mixture of 1:3 mixture of paint and water, but wanted a lighter look and ended up using 1:2 mixture. Paint the white wash on and wipe into grooves. Let this dry for 24 hours.


In the past when I’ve used glazes they have been a thick mixture. The one used for this look and Vintage Porch used is this Rustoleum Java Brown Galze. It is much thinner than I’m used to. Use a cloth and wipe down the wood. I took a dry cloth and wiped off the excess. Be sure to do this within a few minutes or it will be harder to wipe. I forgot to wipe one spot and ended up taking a wet rag and was able to get it off.


After you have the look you desire then seal the wood. I prefer a Hemp sealer. You wipe it on with a cloth. I usually do 2 coats. If you are needing a heavy sealer then you may want to go with a different method.

Taaaaa Daaaaaa!!!

What do y’all think?

I absolutely love the final look, BUT…. Time for my honest opinion, lol. If this was a piece special to me or a one of a kind piece that can’t easily be replaced I say go for the time and sweat of each step listed above. If not BUILD A NEW ONE and skip the sanding and stripping!!

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  1. In the white wash paragraph, did you intend to say, “you can not white wash the wood”?

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