Thrift Store Blog Hop – Table

Hello everyone!!

Man September has flow by even quicker than August did! Before we know it Christmas will be here! Y’all…. I’m finally accepting that summer is over!


Welcome to our monthly thrift store challenge hosted by Emily at Le Cultivateur and Tara at stilettos and shiplap . Be sure to scroll to the bottom and check out all of these awesome finds!!! Each of us will bring you items that we scored while thrifting or on marketplace and show you how we repurpose them.

This month I want to show y’all my oversized coffee table that I found on FB Marketplace. I have been searching for a new table for some time and finally found one the size and style I want. The listing was for $100 and I made an offer for $50. Initially she said no and then the next day she came back and accepted the $50! 🙌🏽

Check out the before picture of this monster!!

I have no clue if these colors were on purpose or the previous owner was in the process of repainting her, but she was for sure getting a makeover!


First, I started the sanding process. The previous owner had a dog that used the corners as a chew toy, lol!

I used my palm sander and sanded everything down. This was the longest part of the process trying to smooth out the corners and take of the layers and textures.


Next I filled the holes with wood glue and the saw dust from sanding. I allowed this to dry and then sanded each spot. I left lots of the dints and dings to keep the aged look!

Cleaning Her Up

I used the lead blower and blew off dust and then just a good wipe down with a soapy rag.


I used Rustoleum white milk paint and painted 2 coats. I then took a palm sander and sanded the edges and several places on the top to add the aged look.

Here is the finished look!! What do y’all think? I’m still trying to get use to the size. The height is a little taller than I’m use to, but I love the style and width.

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Thrift Store Blog Hop

Hello everyone!!

Welcome to our monthly thrift store challenge hosted by Emily at Le Cultivateur and Tara at stilettos and shiplap . Be sure to scroll to the bottom and check out all of these awesome finds!!!

Each of us will bring you items that we scored while thrifting or on marketplace.

This month I was super excited because I finally found a large coffee table on marketplace. BUUUUTTTTT, my paint hasn’t come in and no way I’m adding it as is to the living room.

Look at the pretty legs on her and the unique paint colors and textures (she’s taking a lot of sanding!).

So plan B… is there something that you always grab while thrifting, no matter how many you already own?

Btw you can SHOP MY HOME HERE .

For me I always pick up good priced doilies. Have y’all seen people display a wooden embroidery hoop with a doily? I had a small hoop from my attempt at an embroidery piece and figured I would give it a shot.

It’s super easy and I will for sure make a large one soon!

Take your hoop apart and lay your doily in between each ring with the large one on the bottom. Then place the center hoop on top and tighten the ring up. You may have to pull each corner of the doily to tighten it up a bit.

Now use a piece of twine or jute rope and attach a hanger for the piece (or if you want to hang it with a nail then skip this step).

How easy is this?

Here is another easy way to spruce up a thrift store find.

This is a quilting piece that I found for $5 at a yard sale that our hospital hosted.

I love the rustic swatches and figured it would be great for fall, but I wanted to brighten it up a bit. I used this milk paint and painted the border and frame. I then broke the glass in true Danya fashion!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

What do y’all think? It’s a huge piece for $5!

I plan on hanging it along our stairs.

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Don’t forget to scroll all the way down and check out everyone’s awesome finds!

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Fall DIY Blog Hop

Wow!! Happy September! How is it September y’all? Seems like the summer ran right past me!

I love fall decor, but I’m so sad to see summer come to an end (it’s my fave if you can’t tell).

Welcome to our Blog Hop Hosted by my sweet friend Terrie at Decorate and More with Tip.

In honor of all things pumpkin we will each be bringing you a Fall DIY! Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and check out all of my sweet friends fall projects!

If your coming here from Pretty DIY Home, welcome and thanks for stopping by 🥰

Honestly, my pumpkins and pretty fall decorations are still in the attic.

What about y’all? Have y’all broke out your pumpkins? I think this weekend I’m going to start my fall decorating.

For my Fall DIY, I’m going to show y’all 3 easy projects. One of them is fall-ish!

Fall Banner

I love simple banners and am going to make a vintage one using tea stained paper.

Items Needed:

  • Card stock
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Clothes pins
  • Jute rope
  • Tea bags
  • Oven

I started by searching the internet for some simple fall images.

I searched for black and white sunflowers and hydrangeas. Once I found the images that I liked, I printed 2 of each. Prior to printing I changed my settings to 2 on each page so they would be the size I wanted.

I would recommend printing them on regular paper first, to ensure they are the right layout. I then went to word and created the word FALL in word art and then printed this as well. If I do this again I’ll make my letters pop more.

After I printed out what I wanted on my banner, I then cut everything to the appropriate size.

Now it’s time to tea stain the paper. Steep your tea as usual (boil water, add bags, cover). I used a container wide enough to fit my paper for steeping the tea. I then added my paper and opened up one of the bags and sprinkled the tea on each sheet. Be sure all of the sheets get saturated.

After each page was saturated with the tea I hung them up so the excess water would drip off. I only did this for about three or four minutes. Now set your oven for 375. Lay each sheet of paper on a cookie sheet and bake for around 5 to 10 minutes. Be sure to keep a good eye on them. Once the paper is dry then the process is complete.

Now measure where you want your banner to hang and cut your jute rope.

Clip each banner piece to the rope using your clothes pins.

Hydrangea Wreath

This was not my favorite project. What I envisioned was so much prettier than my outcome. Lol. I ended up taking it apart and redoing it.

My limelite hydrangea shrubs have been overflowing with hydrangeas! Now that I have the drying process down I decided to try my hangs at a wreath using them.

Items Needed:

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Floral wire
  • Glue gun
  • Dried Hydrangeas
  • Something to lay this on to catch the huge mess your about to make 🤣
  • Scissors
  • Floral filler

The amount of hydrangea you will need depends on the fullness you want on your wreath and if you want to fill the entire wreath or just one side of it. I think after I made the first one I realized I prefer wreaths with only one side full of flowers.

I always start by laying out how I want my wreath to look. Then move everything off the wreath and add your floral wire about 3-4 inches apart. Lay several stems on the wreath and twist the wire tight. Continue until you have it all filled in. I then use my glue gun and lift some of the flowers and glue them down.

Not the best picture, but even after I took the sunflowers out I didn’t like it.

I then took everything off of one side, added more hydrangeas, a few red flowers, the “hey y’all” wood words, and then a bow.

I’m still not sure I LOVE it, but it was super inexpensive so it will do for now.

Now, I need more hydrangeas to dry out so I can make a second one and get them on our double doors.

Olive Branch Topiary

I’m going to give you the basics for this, but for full instructions on the topiary click HERE and for full instructions on aging your terra cotta pots click HERE.

Items needed:

  • Terra cotta pots
  • 2 Olive branch stems 26″ per pot
  • Styrofoam Foam ball
  • Tacky glue
  • Moss
  • Kabob stick
  • Twine

Glue the ball down in the bottom of the pot. Stick the olive branch stems and the kabob stick into the center of the ball. I took mine back out and added glue to the hole and then placed them back in. Tie the kabob stick to the olive branch stems. Then add moss to the top or the pot.


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Decorate and More with Tip

Corbel Peg Rail Shelf

Hello friends!

If you had a chance to check out my recent peg rail post then you know I had plans to add to it. When I purchased the wood for the peg rail shelf I bought the wrong size wood!! Instead of delaying the rail we went ahead and built the rail and then added the shelf.

I love how it turned out and want them all over the house now. Lol.


Here are the instructions for the peg rail shelf. My photos may vary a bit from the instructions since my project was a bit different.

Items needed:

  • 1 x 6 8 ft common pine
  • 1 x 4 8 for common pine (I accidentally bought a 1 x 3 so now I have 2- 1 x 3’s under the shelf)
  • 1″ dowel rod 6 ft
  • Corbels (I found a 2 pack for $25 HERE)
  • Miter saw
  • Sand paper / pad 120 grt
  • Nail gun
  • Wood glue
  • Caulk
  • Paint and paint brush
  • Drill and 1″ paddle bit
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure


    Dowel rod, 17- 4″ pieces for pegs
    1 x 4- 7′
    1 x 6- 7′ 3″


Cut 17 pegs 4″ in length. This should give you a spacing of 5″ apart.

First you need to mark your board and use the paddle bit to make your peg holes.

Take your 1 x 4 and mark the center of the board at 42″. I went 1 1/2″ from the top. Using your pencil mark at 42″ and 1 1/2″ down and then go left and right of center marking 5″ apart. You should end up with 17 marks.

Use your paddle bit and drill your peg holes.

You will now need to lightly sand your pegs and peg holes.

Using your wood glue add your pegs to each hole (we ended up not using glue for this because the fit was tight and the paint helped hold them in place).


Go ahead and paint everything before you start putting it together. Or you can do it after it’s hanging BUT I’m super messy and this would be a disaster 😭!


You can either attach your shelf to the peg rail now or hang your rail and attach the shelf to it while hanging (I honestly think it easier to hang the rail first).

Mark the center of your 1 x 6 and the center of your rail.

Using your nail gun attach the shelf to the rail.


We used the nail gun and hung the peg rail shelf and then added the corbels to each side and nailed them in place.

I then used my white caulk and caulked any gaps and then touched up my paint.

There you go! You now have a beautiful corbel peg rail shelf for less than $40.

Ignore my daughter making a Tik Tok 🤣🤣

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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Blog Hop- Christmas in July

Hello everyone!

Can you believe July is almost over?

Time has been flying by for me!

Welcome to our Blog Hop Hosted by my sweet friend Terrie at Decorate and More with Tip.

Our theme this month is Christmas in July. We were each challenge to make something related to Christmas!

I don’t know about y’all, but it’s hard to think about Christmas when it feels like 150° outside!

We were hanging shiplap in our bedroom so this seemed like the perfect time to make a shiplap Christmas tree box.

⚠️Don’t forget to scroll to the end of this post and check out all of my amazing blogging friends projects!

If you are coming here from B4 and Afters page, thank you! I can’t wait to head over and check out her Christmas in July blog post! Did y’all see her adorable pine cone trees? Super cute!

Anywhoo… let’s get our the power tools and see what I can mess up 😂!

BTW for my favorite power tool and other finds click HERE! There is a great deal right now for a drill and impact for $99! Sayyyyyy what!

Items used:

  • Nail gun with finishing nails
  • Tape measure
  • Square
  • Pencil
  • 2- 2×2 8ft each (we used pine left over from making our farmhouse table)
  • 2- 8 ft pieces of Shiplap (we used left over tongue and groove OR you can have the hardware store rip plywood for you).
  • Laser jet printer



  • 4- 18″
  • 4- 19 1/8″
  • 4- 9 3/4

Shiplap (ours is 6″ wide)

  • Measure your box once done and make your cuts from that.


Zero for us since everything was left over from other projects.


Measure your tree stand to make sure your box will easily fit around your tree. Our stand is 23″ x 23″.

If your tree measures the same then follow the cuts listed above for your lumber.


Now that you have all of your cuts start with the pine.

You’re going to make two Squares and then use the shorter pieces between the two  squares to make a box. This is how you will attach the shiplap.

Use the longer pieces on the top and bottom and the shorter pieces on each side. Also don’t forget to use your square to make sure it’s all straight.

Now listen… I’m a girl and don’t speak in lumber language so be nice and don’t be too judge-E of my instructions!

And while we’re on the subject.. why do they call a triangle a square? I know it’s used to keep things square, BUT ITS A TRIANGLE!

Nail these pieces together.

Repeat the same process and make a second square.


Using your 9 3/4″ pieces use them between each square in each corner making a box.


Now it’s time to attach your shiplap. We had to rip 4 of these pieces with the table saw to get it to fit right.


Now it’s time to add your words. This is the first time I have done this process and I for sure would have went larger!

Also be sure you have a laser printer.

I used word and wrote our what I want it to say. Then when I went to print it I reversed everything. For me it was tricky finding this setting. It’s under your print options and there is a box that says reverse.

Print and then lay it out on your wood. You can use an u sharpened pencil for this, but I used a paint can opener and this worked good.

Just go back and forth over each word and your ink will transfer to your wood.

I had a little mess up with it at first and had to start over so mine is a little messy 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Don’t forget to keep scrolling and for more Christmas in July inspiration!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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Acid Stained Concrete

Hey guys! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my step by step instruction on how to DIY acid stain your concrete!

We have stained concrete inside of our home so now it’s time to add some outside! There are so many colors and options for staining your concrete! Inside we score the concrete which make it look like 12×12 stone. In another area we used a stencil and added a large R to our entryway. At some point I will do a tutorial on staining new indoor concrete. You can check out the inside of our home by clicking here🏠!

When we were building our house clumsy me spilled a brand new container of wood stain on the back porch. I was staining the wood planks on the ceiling and… Oops!!!

So right off the bat we had ugly brown blotches on the back porch. We thought about adding a stone such as skate, but staining it is the easiest and most affordable fix.

WARNING⚠️ Acid staining process will vary depending on your concrete finish, age of the concrete, and build up! If you are planning on staining your concrete using this tutorial, I would recommend testing the stain on a small hidden area first. You will also get different variations depending on the brand of stain you use. I have used different stains and have found that majority of them have the same results. Please take the time to research acid stain and watch other tutorials prior to performing.⚠️

💕You can check out the video of this process by clicking here!

Here is the porch before applying the stain.


➡️Cleaning your concrete is probably one of the most important steps. Even brand new concrete it is essential to thoroughly clean it prior to applying the stain. You can rent equipment at your local hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. For this project I am using our pressure washer with surface attachment . I first applied concrete cleaner. I then went over the patio twice with the surface attachment. This attachment is super easy to use. Then I applied concrete cleaner one last time and use the pressure washer with the nozzle attached. After that I allowed 24 hours for the concrete to dry.

You can find this surface attachment by clicking HERE

Now cover your siding or if you are working inside your baseboard and walls. You can use brown paper or plastic to do this. I used brown paper and blue painters tape.

❗️❗️A couple of important points:

  • Ensure your product is an acid stain or etching stain. NOT A PAINT
  • Ensure that your concrete is clean and dry
  • Allow 24 hours between coats
  • Do not allow anyone to walk on the area until thoroughly dry! This includes each step listed below!!! ❗️❗️


Using your sprayer mix the stain according to specifications. Several of the stains are a 1:1 mixture of stain and water. Read your products label carefully. Using a measuring cup mix according to your product specifications.

⚠️MAKE SURE YOUR SPRAYER IS NOT SET ON STREAM and is on wide spray. If your nozzle is set on stream you will have lines of stain! Which you DO NOT WANT! Believe it or not I have seen someone do this and the end results were not good! 🤦🏻‍♀️

This is the brand I used for the porch.

➡️Evenly apply the stain using the wide spray setting. Look back over your first coat and add more stain to areas that don’t appear well covered.

Allow 24 hours to dry.

I know, I know, it looks brown and blotchy. But, this is just the color that you can see while the chemical process is occurring.

AFTER IT DRIES…. You can wet a small area to see how it will look. The color when the floor is wet is close to the color your floor will be after you have sealed it.

Water will not hurt the stain because the acid is soaking into the concrete and chemically reacting with it, but do not use a cleaner or soap. Again READ YOUR PRODUCTS LABLE.

I wanted my stain darker so I applied a second coat.

Again…. allow 24 hours to dry.

After you have achieved the desired color then you will need to rinse the product off. Some labels will use a buffer such as baking powder to stop the chemical reaction. I used baking soda and again used the wand and pressure washer.


Make sure you are happy with the color before you seal it.

Remember when the floor is wet that is close to how it will look once sealed.

Take down all of your paper before you seal it and make sure you the stain is around the edges. You can always use a sponge and apply more stain in small areas that you may have missed.

➡️Use a roller and pour out the sealer and roll it.

Allow 24 hours to dry.

➡️Now for polish… the polish will give your floor the wet look if that’s what you are wanting. This is also the step that makes the floor a little slick! This step IS NOT REQUIRED, but it’s my fave! You can apply 2-3 coats until the desired look is achieved.

Read the manufacturers label on your product for full instructions. You simply mop the polish on and allow up to 4 hours to dry between coats.

There are several steps to this process, but overall it’s easy. To keep the wet look, you will need to apply the polish around every 3-6 months depending on traffic.

Again thanks so much for stopping by!!

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Dresser Makeover

Quarantine Upcycle Challenge: Dresser Makeover

Hello friends! Welcome to our monthly blog hop hosted by Emily at Le Cultivateur and Tara at stilettos and shiplap .

This month we will each show you something we have given a makeover. We each took something we already had (pre-quarantine) and are giving it a new look.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and check out everyone else’s projects!

This month I am showing you a simple furniture redo. Well simple for me since my projects are typically a disaster 😂😂. You can see what I mean by checking out my shelf redo and my Buffett mess.

Here is a before shot of the dresser that I found on marketplace for $35 back before COVID hit. I am redoing my grandsons room and needed a place to store his clothes and a few of his toys.

I honestly search marketplace several times a week, but I typically miss the good stuff. This one was listed with my Buffett so I was able to get both pieces for $70!

If you can find real wood pieces for those prices that’s a great buy in my book!

We also found him a daybed on amazon that is super affordable (I’ll show y’all the final room once we get a mattress and bedding).

You can check out the bed here.


The thing I usually hate most is sanding. First I remove all of the hardware and clean the furniture with either diluted bleach or a soapy rag.

I knew my plan for the dresser was to use chalk paint so thank God there wasn’t much sanding to do! I just lightly sanded any rough spots and corners.

Here is a link to my favorite sander! It’s a palm sander and is so easy to use (and is less that $60 🙌🏽). You can also find the chalk paint that I used by clicking HERE. Chalk paint is by far the easiest paint to use in my none expert opinion! It will cover almost anything.


After I lightly sanded the dresser and cleaned it I applied a coat of crackle glaze. This is what gives this piece the chippy look without sanded or working hard for it (remember I hate sanding!).

I applied a coat to the entire piece and then let it set for around 45 min. You want the glaze to have a tacky feeling to it before you apply your paint.


Now that my glaze has a tacky feel I applied one coat of my fave chalk paint.

THATS IT! I have been amazed with this glaze. Usually it’s pretty difficult to get that chippy look. But with this glaze it’s crazy easy!!


I cleaned up the hardware and reapplied what I had. The dresser was missing 2 handles so I used some inexpensive faux crystal balls for those pieces.

All Finished!!

Can y’all guess the bedroom theme? 🤔

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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Mantle Decor

Mantle Decor

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog hop hosted by Terrie at Decorate and More with Tip.

Don’t forget to scroll to the end of this post and check out all of my amazing blogging friends and se how they styled their mantles!

fireplace 5

This month everyone is sharing how they decorate their fireplaces and mantles. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to share with y’all how you can transform your TV into any piece of art that you desire.

Who else has their TV on their fireplace mantle?

I am always envious of those that are able to style their mantle without this huge black TV screen messing it up. BUT lets face it… I’m not the only one who lives in our house and occasionally my hubby wins a decorating battle.

I have a couple of tricks that I am going to share with you on how I work around the TV and still get stylish pictures.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom and check out all of the other great ideas!

If you are coming to be from Shea at Sweet Southern Blog thank you. I love Shea’s blog and all of her amazing projects and ideas. Isn’t her shiplap gorgeous?!

Click HERE to shop my home!


Styling Your Fireplace

How to style your fireplace?

This really depends on your fireplace and your style. If you have a beautiful all white fireplace then you are safe to fill up your hearth and mantle with lots of fun things!

Fireplace Photo Credit: Pinterest

We went with a rock fireplace to match the rock on the outside of our house. I do wish I had designed it a little better to lighten the room up more, but there’s no going back now. If I had it to do over I would keep the same rock below the mantle and have shiplap above the mantle. This would for sure lighten up our room.

Since our fireplace is more colorful and dark, I keep my décor very simple. I prefer not to take away from the beauty of our rock and I don’t want to have a cluttered look. Therefore, I will usually place a large item on each side of the fireplace, and a few taller pieces on each side of the TV, and then add a simple garland. Also, during the winter we get a lot of use out of the fireplace so we have to be careful not to place items too close to the fire.

Hiding / Styling your TV

How to keep your TV and still get that stylish picture for instagram, pinterest, facebook, etc..

There are 2 things that I have done that are super easy!

The first one is just as simple as sitting a piece of art in front of the TV. Any large art piece that is thin enough to sit on the mantle.

fireplace 4

The next way I hide my TV is by not hiding it, but using it! YEP!  I use it to my advantage.

Do you have a smart TV or an apple TV? Those are the only products I am familiar with, but I am sure there are a ton of other devices you can use.

I will either use my apple TV and go to YouTube and type in what I am looking for such as “Spring Scene” or “Winter Scene”. Then you have a gorgeous picture right there to complement you own photo.

fireplace 6

You can also mirror your phone a screen. With an iPhone swipe up on the bottom of your screen. The same place you would go to for your brightness, airplane mode, etc… There is a button there that says screen mirror and then I just choose apple TV. Then I can mirror whatever I see on my phone to the TV. Now with some photos you may have to pinch in on your photo to get the picture where you want it.

Now for this you will have to use another phone to take your stylish picture because your phone is mirrored to the TV. Easy enough, borrow hubbies….. if he wants to keep the TV, Right?


Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Hello Friends and Happy March 🌸

Easter is right around the corner and in preparation we we’re challenged to do something creative with Easter Eggs.

Our monthly challenges are hosted by Terrie at Decorate and More with Tip. Don’t forget to scroll to the end of this post and check out all of my amazing blogging friends projects!

If you are coming here from Jessica’s page, thank you! 

I love Jessica’s primitive speckled eggs. Her blog and IG pages are full of fabulous vintage touches.

In typical Danya style I waited until the last minute 🤦🏻‍♀️! Since I added the extra challenge of limited time, I decided to make a small and inexpensive Easter wreath.

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Items used:

  • Wreath from Dollar General ($1)
  • Plastic Eggs from Dollar General ($2)
  • Glue gun
  • Floral wire
  • Flowers from Walmart ($1 a bundle x 2 per wreath)
  • Paint (~$4)
  • Scissors

I started by spray painting my eggs. You could use them as purchased, but I wanted white and I kept the blush colored ones as is.

I then took apart my mixed berry bundle and my flower bundle and tucked them into place. I secured them with the wire and then added the flowers.

After my eggs were dry I used the glue gun and glued a few eggs in place.

Simple as that!! For around $14 I was able to make 2 wreaths.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

I can’t wait to see how your projects turn out 🥳. Be sure to tag me so I don’t miss it.

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 Terrie – Decorate and More with Tip


Yea y’all read that right! I am going to makeover our doggie room!

When we built our house we had an area that was supposed to be a small closet, but after looking closer at our plans we realized this would be a great dog room!

One thing with building a home is ensuring you make good use of all of your space. I mean what’s the point of an area of your home that is just empty space?

Below is the original layout of the downstairs. The area in blue would have just been empty space. In front of that empty space was to be a small closet. We decided to get rid of the empty and dedicate the entire area to a room for the dogs. This was actually a perfect plan because the dog kennels fit great under the stairs.

When you walk in the room you go straight back and then to the left is the spot under the stairs. The ceiling in the back of the room is around 5 ft tall and the area under the stairs maybe 3 ft.

Before makeover.

Items used:

  • Left over peel and stick wallpaper from Roommates. It is a white faux brick.
  • Antique frames from Goodwill
  • Chalk paint
  • Sanding paper
  • Pictures of each dog
  • And a new doggy bed
  • Typed up doggy quote on regular printer paper

If you follow me on IG then you know I have a slight addiction to vintage goodwill frames 😭. I had 5- 8×10 frames that were perfect to use for the doggie pictures and then 3 small antique prints that I love and wasn’t sure what to do with.

CLEANING and APPLYING PEEL AND STICK: I started by getting everything cleaned out of the room and then wiped down the walls. I then applied this peel and stick wallpaper from Roomates. I only did the back wall so it didn’t take much! Peel and stick is super easy to apply.


I sent the photos to the photo lab to be developed and then started on my frames. I took the frames apart, cleaned them, and then painted them with a white chalk paint. I applied 2 coats and then sanded down the areas that I wanted the gold to show through.

QUOTE FROM THE DOGS: I typed up a corny little saying from the pups and printed it off and added it to a 11×13 frame.

PUTTING IT TOGETHER: Now to get all of their doggy portraits and the vintage prints hung. Then we just added the new doggy bed and an large indoor/ outdoor rug that can be thrown in the washer.

There ya go!!! Adorable doggie decor!!

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